The Wake Up Committee

Happy Labor Day. I was trying very hard not to labor, but apparently I NEED to get up. They sent Olivia Wigglebothum first. This is not effective.

Olivia uses a lot of adorable squeaking and wiggling. She rubs herself against me and eventually snuggles in. I consider this an invitation to go back to sleep with a cat. All the better.

This is why they have Miles as back up to employ a more direct assault. He vocalizes loudly, stomps on my pillow and head, applies his wet nose directly to any exposed skin and takes huffing breathes directly in my face. Eventually he makes his way to the bedside lamp where he repeatedly rubs his face against the lampshade, making a noisy vibration that will only stop when I forcibly evict him.

Good luck sleeping in.

Laundry photo shoot

Everybody had to help with the laundry this morning. Miles and Birdie attacked the zippers on the delicates bags. Sookie peaced out which was the most helpful thing. Olivia needed to be in the middle of it. When the Wigglebothum got into the laundry basket, I had to grab the camera. Black and white cat in a round white laundry basket called for digging out the fisheye filter.

Being in a tiny, round space meant Olivia really had to try to catch her tail effectively spinning herself in circles.

Many photos later, she tired herself out.

Bed Hog

I am beyond thrilled that The Bird is my bedtime companion and purring nap buddy. She snuggles against me, holds paws with me and generally tolerates my tossing and turning and need to pee at 3 a.m.

However she has demands. She prefers the left side of the bed which works well for me since my reading lamp and table are on the right. I’d hate to have to rearrange the bedroom. She needs the pillows and blankets pulled back to clear space as she wants to sleep on the fitted sheet. NOT the top sheet!

I try my best to appease her. She weighs 8 pounds and owns the shit out of me.

Me in yoga these days

“You want me to bend what way now?”

Sookie and I currently have the same body type. Whole lotta floof.

Incidentally during a power yoga class recently, the proposed pose was so bizarre that I actually whispered (THOUGHT I whispered) to myself “WHAT now?!” from my safe spot in the back of the class The instructor heard it at the front and was like,”Yes, you may be asking yourself ‘what?’”

My brain on Zoom

Me in most Zoom meetings.

“I wonder if I have any snacks?”

“Use the serious, attentive face! Attentive face!”

“What is that person doing?”

“My hair. “ That’s all. It’s a problem.

“Someone should vacuum. “

“I know I muted, but can they hear me peeing?” Might have peed with 500+ attendees.

“I’m going to text half the people in this meeting.”


“Where should I nap today?”

“Shit! They’re talking to me!”

“I’m gonna do what now?!”

What to bring to the picnic table.

Not pineapple.

I gave the squirrels one of those tubes of pineapple that might have hung out in the fridge for just a little too long for my taste. They were not impressed.

I had envisioned squirrels running amok, jacked up on natural pineapple sugars, but what I got was some nibbles and then one morning it was just gone. I think someone just chucked it over the fence, creating a mystery find for one of my neighbors.

As an apology, I created this somewhat phallic apple and corn on the cob combo. It led to some suggestive squirrel images, but culinary results were not much better until I begrudgingly went out and sliced the apple up.

I’m your private dancer, a dancer for corn kernels….

My audience was not thrilled. “Hey, lady!! Dried field corn! That’s all we want. Maybe an  amuse bouche of sunflower seeds.”

Trash Panda visited and gave the selection maybe three stars. I love the stealthy approach and that he or she looks like a giant bear in comparison to the table’s size. While the raccoon did make some night time visits, it showed up more often in the early morning around 7:30 or 8 and in the early evening around 9 pm. I guess I need to pay better attention when I look out my windows.

Much as I would love them to eat the tomatoes that aren’t going to make it on the vine, old apples, and whatever aged exotic fruits I have on hand, they really just want dry corn, sunflower seeds, and peanuts. Peanuts are amazing! (I’m told)

I discovered that I can pretty easily throw a bunch of images together into a time lapse sequence. Here are the squirrels? A squirrel? tearing through their favorite treat.