Flip Flop Season

Sookie does stately, beautiful, and sometimes adorable. Rarely does Soo Soo Kitty bust out stinking cute roly poly kittenness.img_7236

I’ve seen her possessively cuddle my shoes before, but the flip flop was getting an extra aggressive treatment. I started brushing her as I took pictures, and she went wild. Thankfully, she likes being brushed because of all the cats, she needs it the most.


Finally, when I tried to take the shoe away from her, I got a firm bite as a “No.” No skin was broken but it was a strong hold that said, “Mine.”


The Good Boy

The good boy waits and contemplates.

The good boy knows that there is stinky but delicious wet food leftover in both bowls only a few feet away. The princesses are finicky eaters.

The good boy wants more even though he has eaten his own food and may be developing a bit of a sway-belly.


Eventually the anticipation will prove too much, and the good boy will give in only to be yelled out from the other room.

The good boy must eat quietly.

A PSA from W. Charles Marmota

Animals don’t like fireworks.

That should be the logical, common sense end to the discussion, but noooooooooooooooooooooo.

Fireworks are loud, flashy, and unpredictable. None of that is appealing to animals. Fear makes US unpredictable and we really tap in to that flight instinct.

Let us stay home. Crowds create anxiety, people suck, and it’s July so it’s as hot as Satan’s balls in polyester booty shorts. If you HAVE to take us with you to big crowded events, then this might be more about YOU, and you might be a douche bag. Find some other way to get attention from strangers. (I’m talking to you as well, lady who brings her parrot on  a baby stroller to festivals.)

Let us stay home. Better yet, bring us indoors. Let us panic within the safety of solid walls. Protect us from the neighborhood asshole who thinks it would be funny to light firecrackers near us…or worse.

Overall we prefer May the Fourth.

Keep us safe.

W. Charles Marmota



Drama at the birdbath

So far this summer, the robin has been the king of the birdbath. Suspension of disbelief: I firmly believe that it is the same robin who shows up multiple times a day and completely loses his mind in the bath. (Meanwhile this freaky sparrow just likes to watch.)


The robin is the reason I sometimes need to refresh the water a couple times in a day. I was happy to see a cardinal tentatively investigating the bath today in weather that said 94 but “feels like 101.” He went all the way around the edge eyeing the water before sliding in. Meanwhile the robin watched him–jealously?– from the lower birdbath.


The robin tried to interfere, but the cardinal gave him the same treatment he’s been giving other birds. Bath. For. One.



Cardinal “me time.”


And a graceful exit much to the robin’s delight.


Much like the robin, the cardinal wanted another dip and there was a brief standoff.


Cardinal won.