A Very Buggy Day

I was lying on the bed reading, when my brain finally computed that the rolled leaf on the tomato plant with the stripped leaves outside the window was not a leaf.

It was a tomato hornworm.

It had a smaller buddy on an adjacent leaf and at least one other on another plant. There are probably more. They’re like staring at one of those pictures within a picture. You stare from all angles, squint with one eye and eventually…worm!

So even though the world is on fire today-my phone agrees – I went out to spend a few minutes in the garden.

Holy cats! I have never gotten that message before!

This praying mantis was waiting to ambush me by the garage door.

I patiently explained that the success rate of finding other bugs to murder would probably be higher in the flowerbed than on the house. After some negotiations, a transfer was agreed upon.

I cleared out the tomato worms as well as my collard greens which had been reduced to lace by the worms they were coated with. Shudder. There were a lot of worms.

I relocated a swallowtail caterpillar from a basically dead piece of dill to the hoppin’ parsley patch. The dill has not done well this year.

As I was considering going back indoors out of the fire, a female goldfinch started pathetically squeaking really close to me. I kept edging closer for a picture, but she didn’t move. Just kept chirping with her wings spread. The best I could interpret was: “It’s too fucking hot!” Goldfinches are notorious potty mouths.

Her pleas made me scramble for a DIY birdbath. It’s not ideal, but I don’t have  a ton of shallow lids or pots laying about. No storage. I swore to the garden creatures that I would go thrifting in search of more suitable materials.

12 thoughts on “A Very Buggy Day

  1. Holy crap I’ve never seen a tomato hornworm before! That’s horrendous! Where are you located?

    My biggest fear is blossom end rot on our tomatoes. We installed drip irrigation but the weather has been so crazy this summer that I found my first 4 tomatoes with it already and haven’t even harvested red ones yet. ugh.


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