Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder

Goodbye, Carrie Fisher.

My Christmas card from 2008, back when I took the time to Photoshop things and torment the cats more thoroughly. Yes, it has been pointed out to me by a number of nerdly, small children that Princess Leia never had a light saber much less a red one. (Yoda and the ewoks weren’t cats in costumes either, but that has not proven to be  a problem.) Look, I’m not a graphic designer or anything. All I know is that the red light saber showed up better against the frickin’ universe.

More to the point, I’d rather be Princess Leia than Princess Barbie. Leia kicked ass, and balanced out the Han/Luke testosterone fest. Plus there was the whole Greek tragedy Darth/Luke/Leia thing happening. She was tough and sexy, but open to falling in love (…sometimes with her brother, but it all worked out).

That tough, sexy, sassy attitude showed up even in small “Hey! That’s Carrie Fisher!” cameo roles, and definitely in my other favorite Carrie Fisher character Joliet Jake’s “Mystery Woman” in The Blues Brothers.

May the sassy Force be with you all.


What the Hell, 2016?? Who’s next on your hit list? (Pssssstttt, I have suggestions.)

3 thoughts on “Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder

  1. Of all the celebrity deaths this year, I think this one may have hit me the hardest , or at least right alongside Leonard Cohen. I was already a young adult when the first Star Wars came out and I loved her feistiness, her willingness to call out ‘the boys’ – all of them, including Lando and Chewie. 😦

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