Nailed It!

I saw that Netflix released season 4 of Nailed It! I am way more happy about that than I am about this Tiger King bullshit.

MomBert likes a good baking show, but she doesn’t have Netflix. So around my sister’s birthday which falls on or close to Thanksgiving, we were trying to explain the show to MomBert. More to the point, I suggested that my sister explain it and then demand some Pinterest monstrosity for her birthday cake.

This was the result:

MomBert thought she had the situation under control. One turkey shaped cake pan plus two turkey cakes should equal one fully rounded turkey not a conjoined twin situation. Nailed it!

The reveal! We’re always ready for the sideshow. My sister is particularly relieved because we made her close her eyes and kept chanting that we were bringing her an opossum.

“One of us! One of us!

5 thoughts on “Nailed It!

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