MomBert Makes Me Pretty Things…really belated Part 2

I swear on a stack of cats that I already posted about this creation, but apparently I did  not. Unfortunately, I don’t feel I can post the most recent addition without acknowledging this one. So I’m dipping into my Instagram takeover again.

  • Artist: MomBert
  • Title/year: MomBert makes me pretty things, 2017
  • Materials/size: deer skulls, so much glue, costume jewelry
  • Collection of @Kstewand4cats

MomBert has always been a maker. I remember bad 70’s art projects involving crushed eggshells and felt, macrame things, and paper decoupaged on the back of old eye glasses. She sewed doll dresses and some of my dresses. These days she plays with watercolors, sketching, stained glass, and really whatever else comes her way. Retirement, baby!

One of the things that tend to come your way when you’re in Southern Ohio is deer skulls. The stained glass one showed up in a community dumpster in 2017. She applied her fairly new passion for glass (My sister has only had to call the EMTs once!) to create a floral look.

The next pretty thing, the jewelry skull was delivered to my sister’s yard by local dogs. It was still a little juicy and she wanted it out of there before my nephew saw it because he would want to keep it. After an extensive cleaning process–there were brain bits– which involved burial for a while,


MomBert took on the task of creating a bejeweled deer for me. When my sister and I made our last pass through our grandparent’s house, I found the box of costume jewelry that we had used to play dress up for years and years. Incorporating it into the skull seemed like an ideal display.


2 thoughts on “MomBert Makes Me Pretty Things…really belated Part 2

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