My Vines Aren’t Like That!

While gardening this morning, which was like wading through water with the 98% humidity, I was dive bombed by a buggy UFO. It sort of moved like a wasp and had a wasp’s curves, but its overall shape made me think of the hummingbird moth first. With its bright red body and black spots, it had the look of a wasp wearing a Lady bug costume.

It did not make sense.

UFO sighting

UFO sighting

It seemed particularly interested in my pumpkin vines. I have one growing in the top of each rain barrel. I decided to try them there this year because historically vining plants like this mold or wither and die in my yard. (I may have the answer to why after today.) When the UFB (Unidentified Flying Bug…just in case) landed, it headed straight for the base of a pumpkin vine and started…started…doing things.

Suggestive things.

Things that my maturing pumpkin vines were NOT accustomed to enduring. Nobody touches my pumpkin vines with their waspy booties like that!

UFB twerking on my vines.

UFB twerking on my vines.

I shooed the winged pervert away.

Thankfully the Internet knows all about perverts.

My winged perv is a Squash Vine Borer. It’s actually a moth from a whole family of perverted moths who disguise themselves as wasps for protection. So a moth in a wasp costume.

The gyrations were probably the moth laying some of the tiny 200 eggs that I will never see or know about until the larvae bore into my hollow pumpkin vines and take up residence, killing my plant from the inside out.

I think I liked it better when it was just a UFB sex pervert.

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