Vomitus Feles

Updated: 1/23/2015 Olivia had  a v-e-t appointment after the exciting night of vomiting. I basically told my vet the story below although I’m sure she wishes that I would just get to the damn point and stop trying to be dramatic and funny. She was also disappointed that I did not have any videos or pictures  of the puking. I told her that it was not terribly interesting puke.

She said that I needed to call Purina because there was clearly something wrong with the food and legally they HAVE to report this to whoever reads reports on this type of thing. Inward sigh because I knew that can was at the very bottom of the kitchen trash. When I got home, I took one for the cat team, gloved up, and dug it out. Although the woman on the Purina end of the  line kept saying that she saw nothing showing as being wrong with this product – I had to read her the UPC code and the series of numbers on the bottom of the can- she also kept saying that she would register/share/report this information and apparently send me coupons.

And here’s how my Monday evening is going…

I fed all the furballs what I thought was a lovely dinner of kibble and the Feast that is Fancy and then the action started. Thankfully cats make a lot of noise before actually vomiting! Yeah!

True story.

True story.

Olivia threw up very enthusiastically on the laminate floor at the back of the house in the Happy Morning Sunshine Room. (Currently the Early Evening Dark Outside Barf on Mommy’s Floor room) While keeping her in place because cats want to travel and puke generally backing away from whatever mess they’ve made, I heard another cat at the other end of the house start the vomiting song of their people. It was Miles; he barfed at the other end of the room on the rug by the front door.

Thinking that Olivia was done, I ran to scoot Miles on to the kitchen tiles for Round 2. Round 1 is usually solid food. Round 2 can also be solid food, but usually starts transitioning into solid food plus liquidy stomach goo. I thought that they were both done and had started the clean up process when they both started gagging again under my computer table. I got them on to the recently wiped and cleaned up laminate. I might be ready for the Olympic event: Cat Vomit Toss. I got some puke on Miles’ paws because he barfed mid swing on to the laminate.

Put both in the laundry room where they could puke wherever. Started clean up… again. The I heard Birdie yodel from hallway. I got her over laminate in time. The Happy Morning Sunshine Room may not come back from this. I tossed her in the laundry room with the other two. We will not be having Classic Fancy Feast beef dinner again.

Captives (Cat-tives?) released from laundry room after a v-e-t approved dose of Pepcid AC. (1/4 tab each)


This paragraph interrupted by the sound of Birdie getting ready to heave again. This round led to a screaming chase (I was screaming) down the carpeted hall where thankfully she ended up on the bathroom tile. Apparently her two really solid pukes earlier were not good enough and she needed to get in the liquid goo on the end of any good puke.

Diagnosis: Olivia says her throat hurts again and that she plans on barfing up anything with kibble even if they are mixed with wet food. This means that we need to go to the v-e-t…again.

I thought Miles was over his issue of finding some/too much wet food too rich for his tum. Guess I was wrong.

Birdie just saw a chance to be part of the group?

There was something seriously wrong with the canned food? This is why I haven’t used canned cat food for years, but with Olivia’s recent issues it has become a part of the routine.

Sookie says that she will wait until  3 a.m. to barf in a secret location where, in my disoriented and sleep deprived state, I will only be able to hear but not find her.

Perhaps from the closet, perhaps under the bed? Who can tell?

Perhaps from the closet, perhaps under the bed? Who can tell? Only the Sookie knows.


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