Artist Shout Outs!: Hummingbird Moths

My one big flirt with COVID disaster – aside from going into a building and being exposed to 1500 teenagers on the daily– was a new tattoo. Not the most socially distant scenario, but I love it! MomBert hates it, which was a given. I blame Adventure Buddy, but she’s not having it.

Adventure Buddy’s precocious daughter decided that she and Adventure Buddy both needed tattoos for their birthdays of soon to be 18 and 50 respectively. Somehow I was invited to the party. However when the dust settled, the kid and I had new tattoos and Adventure Buddy had remodeled her kitchen. AB has zero tattoo intentions.

I decided that the space between my two bird and flower based tattoos needed filled in a bit with some lovely pollinators. Lacey Rawson at Evolved took on the task after a discussion of the word “proboscis“– I totally said it wrong— and what a hummingbird moth is. Lacey is also the artist responsible for my chickadee and flowers.

Taking bicep selfies is oddly difficult.

I am much enamored of the bee crawling up my shoulder, and Lacey seemed particularly excited about her bee creations. However the colors of the hummingbird moth are my favorite and I got to help choose them!

My wonderful little hummingbird moth and its proboscis became the inspiration for another piece of art. The OG Adventure Buddy sent pictures of my tattoo to Dragonfly Stained Glass Design, told the artist that I wasn’t afraid of color and let her get to work on my birthday present! (If you go to her website, she does lots of commission work!)

It’s meant to go in the garden--I do love some yard art–, but it’s so lovely that I want to wear it! It even has a proboscis!

2 thoughts on “Artist Shout Outs!: Hummingbird Moths

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