The Real Signs of Fall

I got to break out a hoodie yesterday. It was way too exciting to be encased in long sleeved softness and have a kangaroo pouch.

Slept with the comforter pulled up instead of just a sheet.

However the most telling sign is that I woke up covered in cats. It was only a two cat morning so it wasn’t that cold, but they were firmly tucked in to my space.

Chips & Cups

Before tonight, I had only seen the potato chip, Reese Cup hybrid advertised at gas pumps and had not ventured into any gas stations to buy. However this evening, they were staring at me from the checkout line at Target. As a former child who absolutely dipped potato chips into strawberry milkshakes, I am open to most potato chip and … combos. I feel the same way about peanut butter and… combinations.

Sadly though, I expected more. Flavor and texture wise, I got all the normal Reese Cup mouth feels. The embedded potato chip bits added a nice extra crunch however that is where their participation ended. I had expected getting more of the salt and grease of a good Ruffles potato chip. Perhaps the saltiness of the peanut butter overshadowed any saltiness that the chip brought to the table.

MomBert suggested that buying a bag of chips was really the only way to get all the flavors. Just double fisting it with chips and cups. I’d try it.

Spa and Salad Service

The Buns have gotten so big that I can no longer tell them apart. They also do not hang out together as much at least in obvious ways. However they have maintained their taste in garden delicacies like dill straight from the stalk.

I did end up seeing them both this week. I could see one Bun rolling around at the far end of the garden out of camera range. I’m assuming it was dust bath time. When I refocused closer to my location, I saw Bun2 stretched in the sunflowers. I have never seen a rabbit this relaxed.

Birds of a Sweater

We got some new toys because my children have no toys. Admittedly this is more of a result of scrolling through Instagram while on the couch. I saw the product on one account and had to investigate.

I ended up with a kicker that Sookie tested out first and a 3 pack of adorable sweater birds ( I luv birds). The site is Birds of a Sweater and they have a pretty cool cat colony situation.

Grow Crystals on EVERYTHING!

MomBert was playing with Borax crystals. At some point I had showed her an artist who strategically grows crystals on skulls. As a result, I received this lovely skull and vertebrae combo that kind of looks like a tulip from across a room.

Growing Borax crystals on things is an elementary school experiment that I don’t remember doing. Maybe because elementary classes grow their crystals on cardboard and pipe cleaners instead of bones they find in the woods.

MomBert showed me the videos and articles she found where techniques were discussed. By the time I got around to finding a “bone pot” at a thrift store, I had watched more.

It’s wonderfully witchy to have a skull of undetermined species and a deer pelvic bone boiling in your cauldron with a ton of Borax. Everything sits overnight and the crystals form as the water cools.

I ended up putting the skull through two rounds to see if I could get more growth. The Internet said I could. I also used fabric dye instead of food coloring since dye was what was on hand.

My favorite result is the deer pelvis because it looks like a mask or some woodland sprite.

And if you’re going to put crystals on one thing then you might as well put it on anything laying around.