Mighty Hunters

Because I was being lazy in bed( I was still up at midnight taking bad pictures of the lunar eclipse),my mighty hunters decided that squirrel was what’s for breakfast.

Instead of tasty squirrel, they only managed to frighten it.

The squirrel may have realized that there was an impenetrable barrier between itself and the fierce predators because the indignation in this photo is palpable.

Deezzzz nutzzz!

Here Miles demonstrates our more favored post-breakfast hunting technique.

Under the Door

Any cat owner knows that you rarely go to the bathroom alone. Sooooo you know what I’m doing.

Bird inevitably comes knocking. Cats do enjoy regularity. It’s easier to let her in so she can head butt my knees and jump in and out of the tub looking for drinks. The alternative is her scratching the door and the carpet from the hallway or starting shit with the other fur kids. There’s nothing like bodies thumping against the wall and shrieking to make me go to the bathroom faster.

It’s better to watch her wild calico energy invested in an exuberant game of Under the Door. So exuberant that her hind legs caught up with her front, and sent her tipping until her bottom thudded against the tub.

With Miles on the other side of the door, one flopped somersault turned into a full belly roll.

Take a Hike


Sharon Woods: Winter Hike Series

This weekend Ohio decided that it was winter. Weather apps flashed scary red triangles. Everyone ran to the grocery store Friday night. Life went on.

By hiking time Saturday morning, it was cold; but the snow was only a constant dusting slowly accumulating into something bigger. I had thought that the temperature drop and the threat of snow might weed out the hikers, but I still had to park .6 mile (yes, I measured when I drove out) away from the starting point. I definitely got three plus miles in walking.

I used Saturday’s hike as an opportunity to test drive my winter hiking fashion find. The good people at Zulily.com swear it’s a dress, and on their stick thin models I was willing to believe that claim. On me, it’s a glorified Snuggie and I love it. Hooded, giant kangaroo pocket, and maxi length with slits up the side just in case I really want to put on dress boots and pretend I’m dressed for work. It’s also a million percent polyester, so it just generates its own heat. This “dress” completely solved the problem where everything covered by my coat is warm, but the wind still blows up under the back side of the coat, chilling my butt. I assure you my booty was toasty.





Saturday’s hike ended with a cup of bean soup and a cornbread muffin. It’s a simple thing but the treat at the end of each hike is gratifying. The volunteers and rangers are helpful and happy, and there’s usually a fire to cuddle around. I took a hot chocolate for my hike back to my car.


Prairie Oaks Metro Park

By today, Sunday, the snow really did come in as predicted. I think we got about 4-5 inches. However, the roads were clear for the afternoon hike, and the park was packed with people. The most evident non-human life were the geese in the middle of the lake yelling about all the dogs on the walk, and some vibrant lichen on a bridge.



I don’t know how to ski, but I suspect that cross country skis would have been really handy today. Even before the 2 o’clock start time, the snow on the paths was solidly packed and slick. I spent my alleged 3 miles (I think it was longer) slipping, penguin walking in little shuffles, and trying to jump into unpacked snow on the sides without also slipping into a lake.

It was a hungry, cold relief to make it to the end. The Prairie Oaks hike always makes a really thick chicken noodle soup, and from the looks of the crock pots, Adventure Buddy and I got the last two steaming, glorious cups.

Only 10 more hikes to go.


Resolutions: Olivia Wigglebothum

I don’t have any friends until February 1. My group of goal-oriented, generally thin and healthy because they eat well and exercise regularly friends are going on a 30 day cleanse. This will adversely impact their drinking habits. They are typically four or more drinks deep to my one and done.

So for 30 days they will be alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and who knows what else deprived leading to hunger induced bitchiness and probably some green tea and vegetable  induced fartiness. They invited me to tag along, but I am already well stocked in bitchiness as well as fartiness, and life has shown me that I’m not particularly goal-oriented especially when it interferes with me eating.

Olivia agrees that this is all well and good as long as  we still have eggs on the weekends.

Eggs, eggs, eggs! We resolve to eat eggs!january20191

We also resolve to support the arts and the shelter. The Amazing Cat Show is happening again January 11 at 400 West Rich. There will any amount of ridiculous things happening at the show. If you’re in central Ohio, stop by.


Resolutions: Birdie

Today was the first winter hike if mud, standing water, and 48 degrees means winter. Last year during this hike, it was so cold my phone shut off. The warm weather brought EVERYONE out. It was kind of a shoulder to shoulder hike in the woods.


Today was also National Bird Day. Avian awareness, y’all! I told the Evil Bird that it was National Bird Day. And she was like “Of course it is!”


No, no, I saw feathered birds. Some chickadees, nuthatches, tufted titmouse, downy woodpeckers, and red bellied woodpeckers. Birdie is actually named Birdie because of her woodpecker-like chirps.


To quote Bill the Cat, “THHHBBBPPPPTTTT!”

Anyway… she resolves to continue to give everyone shit, and to continue her love affair with my comforter.