Little Adventures: Goat yoga…I am soooo trendy


Goat yogi says, “Namaste right here.”

I’ve always said no to goat yoga to the point that my friends can quote my standard reasons back to me. I grew up with goats. They are adorable. I love squishing floppy ears and running a hand over the textures of curved horns.


Topless goat viewing. It was the 70’s, man.

However goats all come with hard pointy hooves, a love of jumping on things including people in downward dog, and a propensity for mosh pit style head butting. Additionally, the world is a goat’s bathroom. There’s no early warning system. That goaty butt hole just flowers open and you can get anything from bunny turds to diarrhea.


She’s a lady so she’s squatting to pee. Slight early warning.

So I took no small amount of grief when I signed up for a session at Harrison Farms. My excuse is that it was an un-medicated decision. I’d just come from hot yoga, I didn’t feel great, and signed up for not only goat yoga but also cave yoga- more on that later. I realized later in the day that I forgot to take my pills the night before. Oops. Goat yoga.

Harrison Farm is a working farm with a spreading front yard for yogis to set up mats in the grass. We had a picturesque fall morning for our session. Bright blue skies, and cool air heading towards a warmer afternoon. When I signed in there were already more chickens circulating than I have ever seen in one place. They were wandering under the trees with a handful of ducks, and there was a pile up two chickens or so deep under a row of bushes. Toonces the International Cat was also working the sign in table and made himself available for scritches.

The chickens strolled around the yoga mats as people set up. We got to witness an epic game of keep away when a fat caterpillar dropped from a tree into the midst of the flock.


The caterpillar was just an extra treat. The chickens knew the drill. Workers set up three shallow food bins which immediately filled with cackling chickens.

September20183Then came the parade of goats. Ears flopping, a line of gamboling goats followed another worker out into the barnyard, heading for snacks.



But nothing was as precious as the two bottle babies who came out next.

The farm uses wine bottles with a nipple to bottle feed the babies. My teetotaler grandparents stuck with the old glass Pepsi bottles.


With goats among us, Dana the yoga instructor walked us through some basic goat yoga know-how as well as introducing the goats by name. Workers were observing and available if we needed help, or a “body spill” clean up. I’m using that euphemism the next time I pee my pants while sneezing. Goats or chickens might choose to curl up on your mat. Goats dig behind the horn head scritches.


Dana correctly suggested that part of the goat yoga challenge was trying to remain in the moment, sinking into a pose and observing your breath while wandering WHAT ARE THE GOATS DOING?! With this in mind, she occasionally directed us to “goat observing pose” which meant sitting back on our heels to look around. “Dolphin pose” was also amended to “Goat pose” because goats do a bent front leg bow to nurse, and sometimes still to eat from the ground as adults. Nobody has ever seen a dolphin do that.

At the end of the session, everyone was encouraged to hang out as long as they wanted and interact with the animals. Different workers would be giving small tours at different points at the farm.

This is the best sequence ever of someone wallering a baby goat. Go, Adventure Buddy!


In addition to the goats, there were alpacas who are used to produce yarn at the farm. The two in the foreground were pregnant and were available to nibble fig newtons from visitors’ hands.


There were also 10-day old lambs who needed hugging. My lamb still had its umbilical cord. It also may have gotten a slight “body spill” on me, but I clean up okay.

Every photos looks like I want to put its head in my mouth, or am trying to whisper it into joining my cult. It was sooooooo soft.


I ended my visit by purchasing fresh eggs. I was amazed by the variations in shapes and colors. It would be pretty cool if grocery store eggs were like that.


Overall, I was extremely happy with my morning. I got to hang out with a friend, got a decent workout, and I got to interact with animals outside the feline persuasion. I’d absolutely do it again.

FYI: Goats also make good reindeer for Christmas cards.


Life Lows: Pokemon Go

Life low: I’m in the parking lot of a local strip club catching Pokemon. (I’m completely ignoring the life low of being a grown-ass lady who is at level 32 in Pokemon Go. Got to catch them all!)


This is not a Grimer. DUUUHH

In my defense, there was a whole cluster of stuff I needed like a Grimer. A Grimer…HELLO you just don’t run across those.

Also the strip club parking lot is the best way to exit the poorly placed Greek restaurant where I had just indulged in a spicy gyro, fries, and baklava for some Friday night carryout.

Just to get through to the weekend

I decided to explore to check out food prices and set up auto delivery for litter. Of course, I was lured in by a Facebook ad (Satan) of a cute feeding and an adorable bed.


So, yeah, I splurged because my cats totally need handcrafted, wool, Nepalese beds.

Worth the cuteness. I love Olivia’s alien antennas broadcasting her adorableness.

She’s making it work on several levels.

Leaping Bird

When Birdie ruptured her ACL this summer, we had a lot of accommodating to do. I rearranged the litter boxes for easier access, her food bowl was elevated because she couldn’t squat, and I now have more cat stairs than good sense. Shockingly she accepted these changes and actually uses the stairs. When was the last time a cat used a product specifically purchased for them? Miles also uses them and makes sure to give me an over-the-shoulder glance to make sure I’m noting how dainty he’s being.

The accommodations have stuck, but The Bird is feeling much more spry than she did in June. She’s not 100% healed and never really will be, we’re told to anticipate arthritis in that leg, but her sass and activity levels are back to their normal high. One of her personal accommodations that stuck around is her long, leggy supermodel pose. She would hobble around the house, get tired, and flop into a full body stretch which to my worried eye made her look waifishly thin. However she couldn’t comfortably bend her hurt hind leg and, even now, doesn’t or can’t flex the toes on that leg when she does the waking up yawn and toe spread.


Some iterations of the pose made her look like she was “horizontal running”…

or perkily leaping which definitely was not happening at the time.



Always on the outlook for the ridiculous, I felt this picture needed my poor Photoshop skills.


Not quite.


The Bird deserves to majestically leap through things.



Throwback Thursday….kind of

Bye, Burt. Cannonball Run and Smokey and the Bandit always made sense at our house.


Admittedly it’s been kind of a slow week ,but I’m okay with that. It does however, leave me looking, rather desperately, for the next post or photograph. Yesterday evening Miles was dramatically back-lit by the sun coming through the front window. He was elegantly sprawled in a very manly, confident pose much like the 1972 Burt Reynolds Cosmo centerfold shoot. (FYI: I was not even born yet, but somehow that image has been burned into my brain. I suspect that Smokey and the Bandit as well as Cannonball Run are at fault.)

Seriously, this cat has it going on. He projects Barry White music, sometimes a little Marvin Gaye, constantly. I don’t know how Birdie, Sookie, and Olivia can keep their paws off him. Hoping to capture this panther-esque moment, I grabbed my camera, framed the shot, then sadly watched as Olivia photo bombed the whole thing.

...and photo bomb! …and photo bomb!

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Three cats, one vet visit

My vet does a multi-pet discount which is why I find myself bundling cats like a new insurance deal. Of course, each cat approaches the Vet visit in his or her own way.

Miles is 100% chill. “Just hangin’ in the napper at the v-e-t, ladies.”

Does he like being manhandled and having his inner bits squeezed? No, but he does try to retain his dignity and is always a Star Patient. He’s such a star that when they brought him his own litter box, he peed AND pooped which means that he would not poop in the carrier on the way home. #winning! (He did barf up a hairball on the to the vet.)

Hours later, still wearing his star like a boss.

However Olivia Wigglebothum is mad as hell and talks shit about how she’s gonna cut a bitch the whole time.

We call this Angry Stinkface.

Fortunately, she was just there to be weighed and then popped back into the carrier.

Sookie on the other hand employs the “if they can’t see me, the monsters can’t get me” approach.

She has nothing to say once in the carrier. At the vet’s office, she likes to re-enact that final scene of The Blair Witch Project where the guy is staring into the corner.

At one point she was up on her hind legs in the corner like a groundhog. I felt bad so I purritoed her until it was her turn.

How many cats in this picture? Answer: 3

Everyone had a good check up. We’re all healthy, just quite a bit fatter than needed. Cat Mom included