Feelin’ Cute

Feelin’ cute. Gonna pose a little. Got my whiskers right. Eye make-up on point.

Might find a sunbeam and hang out.

Until your boyfriend totally ruins the mood.

***I got a new phone and the camera features are made for taking cat portraits! I’m super entertained. The cats, not so much. I was literally laying on the floor talking to Sookie and running through filters and settings, when Miles redirected my attention by flopping in front of me and licking his junk. He made me cry-laugh so hard. Best photobomb.

Not a Serial Killer

Acknowledges that I’m not a serial killer, but hating my hugs since 2010.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed with the need to cuddle Sookie very much against her will. I know I’m setting back whatever fragile trust we have established, but the opportunities to simply scoop her up are rare. Of all my cats, she has the softest lush, bunny fur, partly why I let her choose me at the shelter. She instantly stress sheds about 20 pounds of that bunny softness all over me in retaliation. At least these days she sashays away snorting indignantly- How dare I!- instead of fleeing for her life.

Valentines:Shit got weird

MomBert sent this tiny little owl she created for Valentines Day. I’ll add it to my forest of creatures.

I had nothing prepared because I pretty much have Valentines Day mostly blocked from my brain. So I worked with what I had: cat hair. HUZZAH!

This was the intent ultimately with real cat whiskers. ***Side note: Legit cat people have a whisker collection. Maybe for art projects. Maybe magic wands. We don’t really know, but just in case….

But this might have been the end result. I think we have a merkin situation.

May your hoo-haw be covered in cat hair! Happy Valentines Day!

Artist Shout Outs!: Hummingbird Moths

My one big flirt with COVID disaster – aside from going into a building and being exposed to 1500 teenagers on the daily– was a new tattoo. Not the most socially distant scenario, but I love it! MomBert hates it, which was a given. I blame Adventure Buddy, but she’s not having it.

Adventure Buddy’s precocious daughter decided that she and Adventure Buddy both needed tattoos for their birthdays of soon to be 18 and 50 respectively. Somehow I was invited to the party. However when the dust settled, the kid and I had new tattoos and Adventure Buddy had remodeled her kitchen. AB has zero tattoo intentions.

I decided that the space between my two bird and flower based tattoos needed filled in a bit with some lovely pollinators. Lacey Rawson at Evolved took on the task after a discussion of the word “proboscis“– I totally said it wrong— and what a hummingbird moth is. Lacey is also the artist responsible for my chickadee and flowers.

Taking bicep selfies is oddly difficult.

I am much enamored of the bee crawling up my shoulder, and Lacey seemed particularly excited about her bee creations. However the colors of the hummingbird moth are my favorite and I got to help choose them!

My wonderful little hummingbird moth and its proboscis became the inspiration for another piece of art. The OG Adventure Buddy sent pictures of my tattoo to Dragonfly Stained Glass Design, told the artist that I wasn’t afraid of color and let her get to work on my birthday present! (If you go to her website, she does lots of commission work!)

It’s meant to go in the garden--I do love some yard art–, but it’s so lovely that I want to wear it! It even has a proboscis!

I don’t know why

I’ve enjoyed a snow day for my b day (Secretly I would have rather been at school. I had plans of great joy,), but something about the vast emptiness of Gobbler’s Knob made me a little sad.

It’s a silly thing to be sad for, but I’ve been in the huge crowd that froze their cojones off for a prophetic marmot.

Six more weeks of winter.

If there is a bear in your house, you are rich.

Gatsby conversation.

This is the point in The Great Gatsby unit where I pull up Zillow and go “house shopping” on the Gold Coast of Long Island where the novel takes place because my students and I have a spare 45 million to spend. This is meant to illustrate the extravagant wealth of our characters and it’s fun. For 13.8 million we can buy a plot of land on Gatsby Lane, but everyone will have to bring tents. Indoor and outdoor pools were the norm. We found an indoor basketball court. One house had an insane 14 bathrooms which we determined was two weeks worth of pooping.

We were talking about redecorating—because for 9.8 million that plaid carpet had to go!—and bearskin rugs. One student strongly advocated for leaning into the retro carpet and adding a bearskin rug with the head on it. Amazing.

Student (not the redecorator) stating with great authority: “If you have a bear in your house, you’ve gotta be rich,.”

Me joyfully shrieking: ” I HAVE A BEAR IN MY HOUSE! HE’S IN MY KITCHEN. I’M RICH!”

Student clarifying that, no no, I needed more than the head although they agreed that Maury was nice and appreciated that he came with a hat.

Miles knows Maury is a sign of great wealth.

Just so happy! #putabernieonit

I have never been so on edge during an inauguration ceremony. The shields around the podium weren’t tall enough for my taste. When they were casually exiting the ceremony, my Brain was screaming, “KAMALA, GET IN THE HOUSE! WHY ARE Y’ALL STILL OUTSIDE??!!”

I’m relieved it well.

Excited and hopeful for a future where science and logic and empathy and complete sentences are the norm.

I was ecstatic to wake up to a news story that did not involve the phrase “the president made unfounded claims.” Instead it was a silly bit about some glorious mittens. (To be honest I also own an upcycled pair like these)

The memes made my morning joyful. So I jumped on board using an app. He looks like he’s waiting for a yard sale or to yell at those damn kids.