Good at Herding Cats. Terrible at Meeting Deadlines.

“Good at herding cats. Terrible at meeting deadlines.” is the tagline of what became a “Happy New Years” card because it didn’t get done or ordered until two days before Christmas.

A lack of vision, an overwhelming amount of things to do, and not feeling great contributed to my superior procrastination skills. I truly did not have an idea for the card until I found the taxidermy sized crowns at Target. Of course, I had to go back for a third one for Ross.

A manger scene with the three wise guys and baby Cheese Curds suddenly made total sense.

Add three cats who will work for treats and suddenly there was Christmas magic just as long as I kept tossing Pouncers in the manger.

Per usual, Miles understood the importance of the situation and posed for Mommy even when everyone else was acting like amateurs.

This was perhaps the best shot. Even if Birdie is focused on “Baby Jesus”, I like the alignment.

Sookie, of course, sensed that I was up to no good and fled the scene. She had to be scooped up later.

As high mistress of sass, Birdie gave the final commentary while I was trying to clean up: “ Over it.”

From our chaos to yours, may 2022 be a happy new year.

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