Eagle Update: Fuzzy Gray Heads

Last Friday after school, I decided to go check in with the local eagles. As a colleague had suggested, leaf buds were coming out promising to obscure future views to the nest.

When I arrived, one adult was on the nest, one was down the river a few trees. At the right side of the nest I could just see movement. Binoculars confirmed two fuzzy gray heads bopping around waiting for dinner.


Shortly after I got there, the parent on the tree took off and made huge, graceful swoops over the parking lot and the empty lot across the road, flying out of sight presumably to pick up a to-go order.


The parking lot dwellers went into a frenzy of battery and lens changes for their massive cameras. This is my version of penis envy:”Did you see the size of the lens on that guy? Rowr!” They were really excited because one of the eagles had unsuccessfully tried to take down a Canada goose earlier in the day within their camera range.


Fish, it’s what’s for dinner. Mostly I know it was a fish because the giant camera people were getting pictures of the fish’s nose hair (if that was a thing) and squealing about it. I just listened intently and documented what I could with my average sized camera.

Hey, baby, it’s not the size. It’s how you use it. (FYI, perverts, this is a lie.)


With dinner served, the fuzzy gray heads were back demanding food and attention. I felt like a celebrity seeking paparazzo.



9 thoughts on “Eagle Update: Fuzzy Gray Heads

  1. So graceful and elegant.

    The pond outside our sliding door is being used for the local Mallard Duck population to GET.IT.ON!

    We had 4 couples but some a$$hole ran over one of the males 😦

    Granted the feathery couple made a very poor choice for their nest location… in the drainage ditch alongside the road BUT STILL!! The speed limit is only 25 mph… the jacka$$ driving the car was obviously gunning for the poor dad. We think the eggs got destroyed too. We found the broken shells 😦 Mom is still hanging about the pond but she’s the “odd duck out” now. Kinda sad, ya know.

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      • Ohhh I was sobbing.

        Brad and I had been out for our evening stroll when I saw him. Beautiful emerald green neck… at a very unnatural angle. And I just lost it. We had been monitoring their courtship progress during the past month and were very, VERY invested in their lives… and then this happened.

        I was sobbing and demanding that Brad get a bag so we could bury him properly and generally carrying on about the a$$hole driver. Brad kept trying to drag me away and I was having none of it. I kept fighting my way back to the duck. Took him about 20 minutes but he finally succeeded. In a way, it was quite comical albeit horrifyingly horrible. I think Brad was more traumatized by how it was affecting me more so then the actual Mallard death.

        I was inconsolable for days. I’d look out on the pond from our sliding door and see the other happy couples and that one miserably alone female and I would just sob. I’m doing better. Still sad but I don’t burst into tears now (Brad is OH SO GRATEFUL for that lol)

        For the past week or so, it’s only been the males out parading on the pond, the females must be back at the nests hopefully hatching ducklings. I cannot WAIT to see the ducklings on the pond… I just know I’m going to squeeeeee for days! 😀

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