Bed Hog

I am beyond thrilled that The Bird is my bedtime companion and purring nap buddy. She snuggles against me, holds paws with me and generally tolerates my tossing and turning and need to pee at 3 a.m.

However she has demands. She prefers the left side of the bed which works well for me since my reading lamp and table are on the right. I’d hate to have to rearrange the bedroom. She needs the pillows and blankets pulled back to clear space as she wants to sleep on the fitted sheet. NOT the top sheet!

I try my best to appease her. She weighs 8 pounds and owns the shit out of me.

9 thoughts on “Bed Hog

  1. I can’t get over how much she looks like Ariana, although Ariana is close to twice her size!! Ariana usually sleeps near my legs on the Kliban cat zipup comforter my sister-in-law sent me years ago and which is so ready I was going to throw it out but that’s what she wants to sleep on. She actually came under the covers with me the other day, which doesn’t happen often.

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      • I don’t get them often and more. Natasha, my sweet little (about 4 pounds) tuxedo cat used come under the covers with me almost every night, putting her head and paw on my arm. At some point when she got too hot, I guess, she would sneak out from under the covers – without waking me – and sleep on the pillow beside mine. At the same time, Tija would sleep near the foot of the bed on the same side – unless she was feeling particularly bitchy, and then she would walk up and lie right on top of Natasha who was under the covers, pretending that she didn’t know Natasha was there. πŸ™€

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