Hands Free Cat

Totally hands free! No Wifi or Bluetooth required!

(Just a sports bra that she has her back foot firmly planted in.)


Sunday was “spa day” which meant nail trimming and tooth cleaning. So my pre-coffee morning started by being covered in cat toothpaste and no small amount of hatred and fur.


Forgiveness came in the form of eggs. #BlackCatFriends



Baby Pictures

I have had monarch caterpillars in my yard, and now in my house. Introducing the triplets. 

As of August 25

I’ve been meaning to get organized and post pictures, but school is back in session. We just completed a five day week THE FIRST WEEK BACK. So pretty much time management + energy/motivation =I’m unconscious by 9 pm. 

I try to take photos of their growth at least every other day. The enclosure needs cleaned of frass daily.  Frass is the fancy term for poop. I accidentally took a picture of some frass being made. 

Yes, that is poop. Enjoy.

When you don’t realize which end of the caterpillar it is, but something seems to be happening.