You Daft Weirdo

If I’m lucky, a furry someone will join me at bedtime while I read before going to sleep. This is one of the best times of my day. Perhaps Birdie will curl up in the bowl of my feet which she is contractually obligated to keep warm. Maybe Miles will spoon my hip, or Sookie will sit aloofly on a nearby pillow waiting for me to make the wrong noise (She has panicked at an overly loud scritch of pages turning.) or gesture.


A rare Olivia moment.

Olivia rarely joins me. If she does, she’ll demand to be under the covers, curl up perfectly beside me then break my heart a minute later when she decides I’m smothering her and she must leave now.

I usually know that she’s in the room also snuggling into bed because I can hear her steady purr as she kneads her soft cat bed. However, as I lay reading Tom Cox’s Close Encounters of the Furred Kind about his own cats’ adventures and his epic walks across the English country side, I wasn’t hearing the normal bigger-than-8-pounds Olivia purr.

I was instead eavesdropping on a conversation that involved a lot of chirps, brrrrrrrtts, and meeps. The only two in the house who can sustain a civil word without hissing at each other are Olivia and Miles. Putting down Tom’s tales of George, Roscoe, and The Bear (you might know The Bear from My Cat is Sad), I rolled over to see what was going on.

Oh dear.

Olivia’s face says it all. Embarrassment for her friend followed by a studious attempt to visually communicate that he needed to cut it out, and finally a frustrated, “STOP HUMPING MY BED YOU DAFT WEIRDO!”¬† Brain was full of British-y wording at that moment.


Make him stop.

To his credit, Miles does not get romantic with his resident ladies beyond the occasional nap cuddle and some very forceful grooming. He saves his intensest feelings for a blanket on the couch, a stuffed cat that looks like Olivia- she does not take this as a compliment- and Olivia’s very squishy and soft bed. Knowing him, it could be a texture thing.

Ripple Rug Rave

We got a new toy at the beginning of February mostly because it was my birthday and I didn’t need anything…., but the cats. C’mon.

I showed MomBert the Ripple Rug Facebook page, website, videos, and how much Batgirl and friends were enjoying their rug. (If you love Justin Fire Survivor, you’ll love Batgirl and her crew of misfit toys.) As I’ve become increasingly difficult to buy for, MomBert and my sister jumped at the suggestion.

It’s arrival packaging was magnificently pink.


I was attracted to the Ripple Rug because the rug is made out of recycled materials and the company gives back to shelters. Additionally, it’s a toy that changes. Cats need new stimuli and the rug is easily manipulated and can be changed daily.

The downside (according to Birdie) was saying goodbye to the giant Amazon box that has been sitting in the living room as a cat toy since October to make space for the Ripple Rug.

The structure of the Ripple Rug is user friendly. There are two pieces of carpet: the base with rubber backing, and the same size top with variously sized, adjustable holes and velcro tabs. The stiffness of the carpet and the velcro tabs let the human “in charge” construct all kinds of caves, tunnels, and hidey holes.

I set mine up, spritzed it with catnip spray and observed.

Olivia Wigglebothum immediately shimmied through a hole and waited for victims like some kind of furry trapdoor spider. Birdie must have casually walked by and been attacked a dozen times before she got the memo on “Hidden Dangers Ahead.”


February20181Like everything else in life, Sookie approached the Ripple Rug with suspicion and disdain, but I’ve caught her lounging on it since then.


Sookie: “What is this nonsense?”

Miles used it as an opportunity to show off for Grammie when she came to visit, even attempting to fit his girth through the holes. The larger holes have tiny side slits to accommodate larger house panthers or to let you cut the carpet.


Miles demonstrates that the Ripple Rug is good for jumping on and hiding behind, not just under. He also models the technique of rolling back edges and using the velcro to make sturdier caves.


Overall the Ripple Rug has been a great source of entertainment for me and the fur kids.


Olivia will be here waiting for unsuspecting visitors to casually walk by.January20187