Winter Feast

Overnight we went from “Holy shit, it’s cold!” to “Holy shit, it snowed!” While it’s no longer in the extreme negatives, we know have about 5 inches of snow just laying around. Activity at the feeders has been minimal, but finally somebody took notice of my homemade suet cakes.DSCF3772

I mean look how pretty! I couldn’t blame one of my Facebook friends thinking I had crafted a new human treat.


suetShe thinks I eat healthier than I really do. Quinoa! Ha! (Yea, I own some.) It did smell good while I was blending it. What’s the one thing peanut butter fudge is missing: bacon. It’s something to consider.

I also have other squirrel treats like this bone that conveniently hooked onto the tree branch. It came from making slow cooker carnitas. Squirrels are rodents and like to gnaw on bones to file down their ever-growing teeth plus there are nutrients and what not.


Bird feeders, suet options, bones to chew on and heated birdbaths at the front and back of the house. I’m ready for flocks.

Maybe because it warmed up a  little today, there was more traffic at the baths. I saw the squirrel take a sip before returning to the suet and this robin stopped by a few times. The world made more sense when these doofuses just migrated south. I expect cardinals, but if your main diet is bugs and berries this is a tough time. Try the suet!




4 thoughts on “Winter Feast

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