A Squirrel and His Bone

I realize that animals like to/need to chew on bones. In some cases, it helps to grind down rodent teeth that are constantly growing; and in many cases, the bones provide nutrients. However it’s still weird to see a squirrel carrying a bone around the yard when my brain is socialized to say that only dogs do that.

From September 2010. Fetch!

From September 2010. Fetch!

One summer, the squirrel and I played hide and seek with a vertebrae. Where he found a large vertebrae, I probably don’t want to know. However he kept burying it in my flower pots. I would unearth it, put it back in the yard, and wait to see where it ended up next. We did this for several days until the squirrel either buried it too well for me to find or relocated it to someone else’s yard.

With the squirrel’s enthusiasm for bones in mind, I brought him a treat from my walk in the woods. Could be the bone of a deer, pig, horse, or something else entirely. I set up the game camera to get his reaction.

Day one, it was love at first bone.

"I love you, bone!"

“I love you, bone!”

The bone has been out on the patio for several days and has only been moved once. I found it around the side of the house.



Other backyard visitors have checked it out, but none have been as excited as the squirrel.

Other bone enthusiasts.

Other bone enthusiasts.

The groundhog even made an appearance, but declined to bone. (Not to be confused with W. Charles Marmota who does not sniff bones. He’s too classy for that.)



I’ll leave the bone there for now and see if it ends up in a flower pot. It’s a simple thing to make a squirrel happy.

Toast and a bone for breakfast.

Toast and a bone for breakfast.

6 thoughts on “A Squirrel and His Bone

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  2. Yes, they eat the antlers that deer shed every year, too. Ever wonder why you rarely see antlers in the forest even though the deer shed them every winter?

    It gives them needed calcium and bone building minerals, yes, it’s because their teeth never stop growing that they need it 🙂


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