You’re a Douche bag, Facebook. 

“Kristi, we care about you and your memories. Here is a picture of your two dead cats. Tomorrow we’d like to show you pictures of your unsuccessful relationships and some deceased family members. Your memories are so important to us that we won’t allow you to shut off this function.” I would like to note that yesterday’s memory was this childhood photo of myself, my sister, and my deceased brother who happened to die April 12, 1994 which is probably why the photo was on my page in the first place.

You’re on a roll, Facebook, you fuck!

I’m hoping that tomorrow Facebook can send me photos of past boyfriends even though I have not dated anyone since joining Facebook, maybe my dead grandma, and some shit from high school.

Thanks for the memories!

***Thank you for the sympathetic comments. I just want to note that the dredged up “memories” were not recent events and I’m not sitting in a corner weeping on to my dumb phone. It was more annoyance than sadness after a double whammy of “Seriously, FB?!”

25 thoughts on “You’re a Douche bag, Facebook. 

  1. I usually ignore FB, but I did repost this morning because it was a memory of me posting about being a published author, albeit in an anthology. Not sure why it was from April though since publication date was in November 2014, but still! 🙂

    I also posted pictures of all my cats in my adult life – past and present – on my blog this week in honour of National Pet Day. It was weird though, when I read the post later, I realised that what I wrote about Samantha was short and abrupt even though she was with me for 22 years from 23 to 45. She was my heart and I feel as if I gave her short shrift. (Sorry, l took over your space and it’s not even really related.)

    I am sorry that FB is causing you pain.

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    • Sorry to jump into a conversation that I wasn’t invited to participate in, but just wondering if Blair tried to delete Facebook or just deactivated it? When I deleted my account, Facebook was really funky and kept telling me my password was wrong – I was just wondering if that happens to everyone. I finally had to change the password I had forever just so that I could delete my account, Facebook really didn’t want me to leave.

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