Leftover Buttermilk Leads to Ridiculousness. Master Baker Crazed Despite Lack of Nuts. 

I made cupcakes this weekend because I had leftover buttermilk from making cornbread. This happens -leftovers not cupcakes-every time I make cornbread even when I buy the smallest container of buttermilk I can find. This time, something had gone wrong in the world of buttermilk supply and demand, forcing me to buy an even larger container instead of the usual elementary school lunch tray sized carton. 

What to do with buttermilk? (Don’t put it in your coffee.)

According to the Allrecipes app, my options were biscuits, pancakes, or cakes. There is a local restaurant that serves the most amazing carrot cake full of moist, rich fruit and vegetable goodness. I had wanted to see if I could match the quality if I made carrot cake from scratch. Low and behold, it called for buttermilk. There was an also an enticing dark chocolate cake recipe that went on the list. 

So in order to use up about 3 cups of buttermilk, I spent one billion dollars on other ingredients including the world’s tiniest and most expensive bag of chopped walnuts. I will gladly chop my own walnuts, but the grocery store was hiding the larger more generic brand of unchopped nuts from me. 

When I finally started the baking process it felt like midnight. It was actually only 7 p.m., but teacher conferences were the night before, and keeping up that level of energy and “OMG, your child is such a treasure!” for an extended period of time is exhausting. However the cakes had to be baked because they would serve as thank you’s to various people doing favors for me over the weekend. 

While necessitating multiple steps, the recipes went smoothly although I couldn’t fathom why a carrot cake recipe would not put raisins in the carrot cake! No worries, I added some. All went well until I was in the middle of filling the third cupcake tin of carrot (have I mentioned how much I detest the tedium that is making cupcakes?) and realized, I had forgotten the nuts! The gold plated, hand chopped by monks living on the highest peak, only picked under a full moon walnuts were still sitting on the counter in their gilded bag. 


There was no going back. These would have to be nut less wonders. Good thing I threw in those raisins!

Both recipes came out delicious and moist, receiving praise from all parties involved. Though the lack of nuts could be an issue for some with bigger plans. 

Poor impotent carrot cake.

Also I learned that I can do this with the notepad in my phone. Seems super useful. 

Cornering future market on epic iphone based art

6 thoughts on “Leftover Buttermilk Leads to Ridiculousness. Master Baker Crazed Despite Lack of Nuts. 

  1. My husband’s father used to like buttermilk to drink so I would give him whatever I didn’t use in baking, but since he passed, I never buy it. You can add a dash of lemon juice or vinegar to milk for a substitution.

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  2. My mother used to love buttermilk to drink as well. I accidentally got her glass one night and took a big swallow and promptly gagged. Luckily we were eating outside! I usually only buy buttermilk now if I have a couple of recipes I can make at the same time. I do have a good one for fried chicken.

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