Bird Brain

We got the promised 5-7 inches of snow on Saturday, and even though there is a heat wave of 30 degrees, nothing appears to be melting away. After shoveling out the driveway and sidewalk, only to have the snow refill it with another couple of inches, I refreshed and filled all the feeders. I added suet cakes, hoping that a non-seed food source might help out one visitor.

A robin.

Why, robin, why?

Why, robin, why?

I’ve read  a few articles and there are such a things as “winter robins” who switch diets in the fall and hang out eating berries in the winter. They are not supposed to understand birdseed or bird feeders as food sources…. except for this genius.

Next to the sparrows, this robin looked like a giant. I’m not sure if it was rooting through the seed in hopes of something edible or if it actually found something it could eat.

This purple finch also caught my eye mostly for the color palette.

However, it could not decided whether it trusted one of my feeders.It kept leaving the tree to dive bomb and hover near the feeder. It’s movements were hummingbird-like. It only settled on the feeder once, but made several trips to check it out. I’m not a fan of the barn feeder either.



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