There’s Still Stuff in My Yard: My Wild Kingdom continues…

Industrial strength Velcro and a sassy Crisco lid.

Industrial strength Velcro and a sassy Crisco lid.

Last night there was a frenzy of cat activity.  Miles was channeling his inner panther and, once again, ended up on top of the refrigerator. From my work table, all  I could hear was crashing and thumping.  I would like to think that they were attempting to wash the dishes, but that was less likely than Miles leading Sookie and Birdie on a mission to destroy  everything  on the kitchen counters.  I went with the mom-like, “Don’t make me come  in there!” Then I went in there.

The freezer door was hanging wide open. I can only assume that Miles was excited by the large number of frozen goods I had purchased earlier that day and wanted to help make freezer space by defrosting everything…AGAIN.

My trip to Lowe’s today did not reveal anything to child proof refrigerator or freezer doors. I could purchase items to child proof my toilet, cabinets and electrical sockets, but not the freezer. What if my theoretical child got in there and froze?! Geez, Lowe’s! Much as I stared at the products, nothing new appeared on the shelves and I wanted to get out of that aisle before I felt compelled to explain my “child” problem to the Lowe’s employee. So for $2.97, I grabbed the most practical child proofing item they had: industrial strength Velcro.

My freezer is now jury rigged shut with Velcro and part of a Crisco can lid because I needed something for the sticky side and realized fabric would just get dirty. I can now open the freezer only if I am really serious about what I want. Maybe I should do this to the fridge and all the cabinets. I’ll trump Weight Watchers with my fatty-proofed kitchen. Do you really want to mess with the Velcro for that chocolate?

The first collard greens.

The first collard greens.

However, until that happens, I will still cook things like my first garden harvested collard greens wilted with onion and bits of bacon. Yum.

The first sunflower bloom. Place your bets on how long before Mr. Squirrel trims it.

The first sunflower bloom. Place your bets on how long before Mr. Squirrel trims it.

Another first in the yard, is the first sunflower bloom. Knowing Mr. Squirrel, that sunflower’s days are numbered. I also spotted more butterfly eggs on the dill. At least I think they are butterfly eggs. The descriptions I found say they are yellow blobs which pretty much sums up what I saw. The existing caterpillars continue to grow and nosh on dill fronds.

There's a second caterpillar at the very center of the dill.

There’s a second caterpillar at the very center of the dill.


The biggest development in the wild kingdom was the appearance of the skunk FAMILY at dusk. It was after 9 p.m. but was not even close to full dark. I happened to look out the window and noticed a strange addition to my raised flowerbed. Two adults and a youngster did a complete perimeter check of the fence, stopping to focus in on spots under bird feeders and around the new solar lights. They exited one at a time by shimmying under the fence gate and continued through the flowerbeds at the front of the house. There was a skunk butt in my daisies.

I think the cats were more concerned by me rushing window to window to watch the group’s progress. They traveled like an odd entourage, rarely separating from contact with each other. If they weren’t side by side, then one would walk with the tail of the lead skunk draped over it. I don’t know if this is usual skunk protocol or due to the juvenile.

I know they’re potentially stinky; and if they take a notion, they could probably burrow and do damage, but they’re also just fun to watch. Their low to the ground bodies appear as fluid waves of black and white stripes running along the grass.

***AMC keeps advertising that the Fourth of July weekend will be a preview weekend for The Walking Dead, showing all episodes in order and being hosted by Kevin Smith. Hollah!!!


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