Drama at the birdbath

So far this summer, the robin has been the king of the birdbath. Suspension of disbelief: I firmly believe that it is the same robin who shows up multiple times a day and completely loses his mind in the bath. (Meanwhile this freaky sparrow just likes to watch.)


The robin is the reason I sometimes need to refresh the water a couple times in a day. I was happy to see a cardinal tentatively investigating the bath today in weather that said 94 but “feels like 101.” He went all the way around the edge eyeing the water before sliding in. Meanwhile the robin watched him–jealously?– from the lower birdbath.


The robin tried to interfere, but the cardinal gave him the same treatment he’s been giving other birds. Bath. For. One.



Cardinal “me time.”


And a graceful exit much to the robin’s delight.


Much like the robin, the cardinal wanted another dip and there was a brief standoff.


Cardinal won.


11 thoughts on “Drama at the birdbath

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