This is a cat purring

A friend recently mentioned that she can’t tell the difference between a cat purring when she pets it and a cat growling. People, she claimed, are constantly correcting her.

“You can’t tell the difference!” she exclaimed.

I offered to let her come over and workshop with my cats, but I’m a bit concerned about what she’s doing when she pets cats if one, she can’t tell that they are growling; and two, she’s making them growl. She will need to be supervised for sure.

I tried to empathize, saying that I was always confused when other animals didn’t vibrate when I petted them like my purring cats did.

Olivia Wigglebothum was incredibly needy this morning. Her extra wallering, making an argument for a kitten she could roll around with and head butt in addition to me. She presented an educational opportunity though.

This is a cat purring.

8 thoughts on “This is a cat purring

  1. That’s a wonderful purr, Olivia! Ariana has three purr modes: silent, so I have to feel it, normal , and loud, so I can hear it at a distance! I would worry about your friend not knowing the difference between purring and growling!!

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  2. I can’t imagine not knowing the difference between purring and growling! I agree with exactly what you said, what on earth is this woman doing when she pets cats?

    There should be a list of registered cat offenders so that you never accidentally let one into your house. It would have saved me a dozen conversations over the years that started with, “You need to stop petting the cat now. No, really. Please stop petting the cat.”

    Those were always the people who, after the cat swatted at them when they’d made it abundantly clear that they didn’t want to be petted anymore, would exclaim, “Your cat is really mean!”

    Cats > People. Always.

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  3. List of Registered Cat Offenders…. YES we need one. We also need ladies who are allergic to cats to stop coming into my house and making googlie eyes at my Dio. He loves ladies and doesn’t understand why them all won’t pet him.

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