I went back…

My first visit to Harrison Farm for goat yoga was so much fun that I planned another trip. I felt so happy and energized to have been outside and interacted with animals in a gorgeous setting, that the idea of coming back in October on a crisp morning with changing leaves sounded ideal.

The reality: 41 degrees. Colder than the damned cave, and it’s Ohio so the leaves hadn’t even thought about changing yet.IMG_9511


Best hat ever.

Fortunately, I planned ahead, layered up, and brought those fuzzy socks with plastic nubbins on the bottom that people constantly give women as “thoughtful” gifts. Sure they came in handy the one day I’m doing yoga in the cold, but why do I need a million of those socks. They are tits on a bull useless otherwise. You can’t wear them with shoes!

I digress…


Cold did not deter the goats and chickens from snacking and exploring. The goats were particularly interested in exploring handbags, and a black goat named Rosé decided a woman in yellow was her forever friend.


While no goats befriended me, a friendly gray barn cat cuddled with me on my mat during one of the many times that my phone died either due to the cold or its personal issues.


This cat was awesome even though the one photo I got makes it look possessed.

After yoga, Oreo and Sylvia got their bottles, lambs were passed around for snuggling, more barn cats were petted, and general merriment ensued.


We then visited the Fig Newton eating alpacas, and I purchased alpaca yarn as gifts for my knitters. As a parting treat, Katherine Harrison always offers cookies from her grandmother’s recipe and sweet rolls. I’ll be back.


Noella loves newtons.

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