Just One Soft Pet

MomBert and the BF stopped by for a quick visit and a cup of coffee. In his formal role as The Helper Cat, Miles greeted his grammie with lap cuddles, and then attempted to welcome the BF to our home. Miles sat on the footstool conveniently within petting distance, looking attentively at the BF.


Nothing happened. To demonstrate what was supposed to happen, he went back to Grammie who cuddled him and told him he was handsome.

Miles then gave the BF another opportunity to pet him from an even better angle, the arm of the chair.

Nothing happened.

Miles could tell that Grammie and I were encouraging the BF to “just give him one soft pet” so he extended his head at the ideal trajectory for soft pets.

Nothing happened.

Sadly the BF was apparently raised in some type of cult whose doctrines must have preached that animals are dirty, and the only good “pet” is one that is outdoors preferably far from humans.

Miles just wants bring happiness with his handsomeness. He talks to everyone-they might have treats-,offers his assistance to delivery and repair persons, and even stays visible for the entirety of visits by toddlers intent on treating him like a plush toy. He’s not used to rejection. He really stuck with him.


Hours later…


I am nuts, but Miles is a very clean, non-stinky boy. The BF is stinkier. She may mean that the BF is a stinky boy.


16 thoughts on “Just One Soft Pet

  1. I just don’t understand this! If I had a chance to softly pet the stunning Miles, I’d swoon over his silky soft fur and fantastic whiskers, I’d press my nose into his warmth, I’d press my ear against his side to listen to the sound of his motor, I might even slip the tip of his glorious ear between my lips… I’m sorry; this is sounding pornographic. But kitties are so sensual! (Especially MILES!)

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