House Cats of Central Ohio: Love Triangle

In this episode of House Cats of Central Ohio, we find spurned, long time lover Sookie sulking. Miles seems to have thrown her over for the younger and more formally dressed Olivia Wigglebothum. Rumor has it that Olivia gives as good as she gets in the grooming department.

Whatever cat fight is brewing, Miles will sleep through it.

In a twist of blackmail, back stabbing, and faked evil twins, Sookie has a plan!

The Wigglebothum is out. Sookie has resumed her deserved place.

On the next episode of House Cats of Central Ohio, Miles finds himself trapped like a CATerpillarby one of his jealous loves.

Will he metamorphosis? Will he fly?

We’d like to speak to a manager

Not sure what happened. I turned around to find that they had followed me into the bedroom and were lined up like this.

Sookie seems intensely concerned about that amount of laundry that needs done. ( She really needs to worry about the 5 baskets that need put away.) Birdie has the vapors and passed out on a boot.

I’ll assume that Miles thought there would be snacks.