This is a cat purring

A friend recently mentioned that she can’t tell the difference between a cat purring when she pets it and a cat growling. People, she claimed, are constantly correcting her.

“You can’t tell the difference!” she exclaimed.

I offered to let her come over and workshop with my cats, but I’m a bit concerned about what she’s doing when she pets cats if one, she can’t tell that they are growling; and two, she’s making them growl. She will need to be supervised for sure.

I tried to empathize, saying that I was always confused when other animals didn’t vibrate when I petted them like my purring cats did.

Olivia Wigglebothum was incredibly needy this morning. Her extra wallering, making an argument for a kitten she could roll around with and head butt in addition to me. She presented an educational opportunity though.

This is a cat purring.

I went back…

My first visit to Harrison Farm for goat yoga was so much fun that I planned another trip. I felt so happy and energized to have been outside and interacted with animals in a gorgeous setting, that the idea of coming back in October on a crisp morning with changing leaves sounded ideal.

The reality: 41 degrees. Colder than the damned cave, and it’s Ohio so the leaves hadn’t even thought about changing yet.IMG_9511


Best hat ever.

Fortunately, I planned ahead, layered up, and brought those fuzzy socks with plastic nubbins on the bottom that people constantly give women as “thoughtful” gifts. Sure they came in handy the one day I’m doing yoga in the cold, but why do I need a million of those socks. They are tits on a bull useless otherwise. You can’t wear them with shoes!

I digress…


Cold did not deter the goats and chickens from snacking and exploring. The goats were particularly interested in exploring handbags, and a black goat named Rosé decided a woman in yellow was her forever friend.


While no goats befriended me, a friendly gray barn cat cuddled with me on my mat during one of the many times that my phone died either due to the cold or its personal issues.


This cat was awesome even though the one photo I got makes it look possessed.

After yoga, Oreo and Sylvia got their bottles, lambs were passed around for snuggling, more barn cats were petted, and general merriment ensued.


We then visited the Fig Newton eating alpacas, and I purchased alpaca yarn as gifts for my knitters. As a parting treat, Katherine Harrison always offers cookies from her grandmother’s recipe and sweet rolls. I’ll be back.


Noella loves newtons.

It’s Time to Be Amazing (cats!)!

Call for artists! The Amazing Cat Show IV is on the horizon.


The Amazing Cat Show III

Last year, I actually contributed pieces to The Amazing Cat Show III because attending my first show  Amazing II was… amazing! The first one I attended was such an entertaining collection of art from the ridiculous to serious compositions, viewed by an equally diverse shoulder to shoulder crowd. Clearly I needed to have my hand in this.

Before you get too  invested in your vision of me as a great artist, please understand: They. Take. Art. From. ANY-ONE. There were moms submitting their kid’s art because it would be a cool surprise for the kid to see it in a show. (My own MomBert was secretly poised to buy my art if it didn’t sell.) It’s non juried, anybody is welcome. The goal is money for Colony Cats and Dogs.


Unfortunately, last year’s show got into a fight with a unicorn. A snow storm  headed our way on the day of the show with such bad forecasts that my school dismissed by noon. As in “teachers, seriously get the hell out. Do not stay at your desks to work. Leave.” That’s a unicorn, people.

The show was cancelled as much of the surrounding area shut down. I can’t definitively say that my contributions were cursed, but these things happen sometimes.


Cloud Cats in the Garden

The show was re-scheduled, but there’s nothing like mid-Ohio cold, slush, ice, and dark to make you question your life choices or ever leaving the house again.IMG_4057

While the show was still fun and filled with the broadly silly and serious, the crowd was not as robust as the previous year.


Yes, the purple triangle has cat hair in it.

Happily, both of my pieces sold and I was able to contribute to the shelter. I did not initially understand that this was a 50/50 show, part going to the artist so I turned my check around into cat shelter supplies and donations. After the bills were paid, Colony Cats made $1863. I suspect that they did better in previous years and would have fared better without the snow-pocalypse.


Shadow Cat in the Garden

I’ll probably only have time for one piece this year. Being really good at procrastination tends to get in my way, as does making “artistic” decisions.August20183

Thanksgiving Lessons

Yup. Thankful. Thankful for all the things and people and ideas.

However I’m also thankful to have learned where deer come from. They emerge fully formed from cats’ butts. Tilly is like a Tardis: bigger on the inside.November20183

I’ve not so much learned as confirmed that my family’s taste buds’ adventure levels have not changed much. They like their ice cream vanilla; and if my sister orders a plain sandwich, that is what she fucking means. Meat and bread! Things like cheese and mustard are for crazy bitches! I will give them credit that in recent years, they have expanded their taste palettes and willingly add sour cream, cheese, and some garlic to the mashed potatoes. However me wanting to do the same thing, but with PURPLE POTATOES! was too much. Everyone took a teeny tiny bite and now I am the proud owner of purple mashed potatoes. (They tasted great and were soooooo pretty!)November20182

Cats don’t appreciate disco balls. This was our big Black Friday (shop local) purchase specifically to entertain GGK and Tilly. UN. IM. PRESSED.


My cats are excited when I get home after being gone for days. When I got home, Birdie just kept staring at me. I’d open doors, come around corners, and there she would be with her huge dilated eyes. At one point I asked her, “Are you high? Are you in pain?” Nope. Just happy.

Good to know.


Halloween Hangover

The best holiday is over and it’s time to clean up. Three perfectly good pumpkins to nibble on, and my squirrels extracted all the vanilla scented candles.IMG_9877

Although their positioning for this one was pretty hilarious.


We tried revisiting the pumpkin photo shoot, but per usual the felines are awful models.


Birdie was as obsessed with sniffing the pumpkin cat’s butthole as she is with sniffing everybody else’s.

I tried keeping my models a little hungry, but added in some catnip and strategically placed treats. That backfired.


Sookie refused to even remotely get involved. “Nope. Just nope.”


Olivia sort of participated, but her eyes ask, “What the cat shit are we doing? And when’s dinner?”


This was probably the best shot-Thanks, Miles-, and we are officially done with Halloween for the year. Now I just need to figure out the Christmas cards.IMG_9838