Over Stimulated

The on again, off again warm weather has me leaving the windows cracked so we can sniff the good sniffs. However the warm weather has thawed out A LOT of good sniffs a well as encouraged the outside furry creatures to cruise through our yard. The only way I can explain the behavior of the inside furry creatures is that they are overstimulated by all the sniffs.

Kitten Fight Club has returned.

 Olivia Wigglebothum and Birdie are the Brad Pitt and Edward Norton of the club. They have bypassed rough playfulness and headed straight for ROOOOWWWWRRRR!! The rest of us are innocent bystanders caught up in their battle royale.

The rip and tear through the house shrieking at each other. I am trampled as the couch becomes a spring board to leap in to the kitchen. At one point both Olivia and Birdie are chasing Sookie, and use  a flanking move around the easy chair to corner her by the front door where they all pant and growl at each other. I can only think that if anybody starts peeing in the house out of spite and anxiety, it will be Sookie. Stop antagonizing the medicated-for-emotional-stability cat!

I yell at Miles to get his ladies under control!

Miles responds with,”Bitches be crazy, mom! I’m staying in the tunnel!”

IMG_8101Kitten Fight Club comes to an anti-climatic closure when I open the nip bin. The ladies get high and everyone takes naps.


7 thoughts on “Over Stimulated

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