I don’t buy most of my cat nonsense. People just give it to me because… I am one dimensional and have no other interests? Any who I think they mean well. They like me. They know I like cats.

Students that I take to a summer camp felt the need to spend their pennies on me at the college bookstore and bestowed a cattitude of gifts upon me. One was this cat paw finger puppet.



Here’s the thing, these kids know me. We have spent a ton of time together, but they still did not think the implications through. Teenagers. Sigh. Eyeroll.

I immediately put the finger puppet on and excitedly said,”OMAHGAWD, you guys are going to spend the next year with this thing creeping into your peripheral vision! Imagine working in class and the paw taps you on the shoulder to be like ‘How ya doin’, buddy.'”

Their faces said that sadly they had not considered any of this, but they were already down the rabbit hole so they pulled up Amazon and showed me that they could have bought a full cat puppet for all my fingers at the bookstore. While that was nice, the “Handi-Squirrel” listed beside it was even better!

Me: “NOOOO! I NEED THAT!!!” When are these kids gonna learn?

Best $6.95 EVER.


Imagine this as a first day school accessory! Not everyone was on board though. My campers had no comments when I sent them a picture of the squirrel’s arrival. Olivia Wigglebothum was not having it.

Squirrel want to hug kitty!August2018

Bird was trapped by her ruptured ACL. Squirrel luv Bird.


In this sequence it appears that the squirrel took down Miles like a lion on an antelope, but there was less of a struggle.IMG_8019

Miles and I can both attest that the tiny squirrel claws are good for head scritches.


We are soooo going to barf on the carpet

One of the local nurseries I like to frequent always has pots of “cat grass” at the checkout. The  “cat grass” is actually wheat grass, the stuff you see people taking shots then doing spit takes of at health nut cafes in comedies.


Sometimes an overindulgence in the grass leads to less funny spit takes at home. However the grass really adds to the cat spa ambiance, and it makes them so damn happy.

If only they were so easily harnessed as tiny lawn mowers.


Raindrops on…

Raindrops on roses


and whiskers on kittens,


things in my garden with which I am smitten.


Allium flower

long yellow caterpillars wrapped around dill,


These are some things for which I can’t get my fill! (I’m a big fan of playing with raindrops on plants. This was my first raindrops and caterpillar encounter!)

p.s. My Gma and I used to dance in her living room to the vinyl of The Sound of Music soundtrack.