Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

According to my Cat Welfare Association calendar, today is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day. I suspected that this was some manner of cat conspiracy because I don’t remember seeing this day before. However the Internet says that it’s true… so it must be.

Some days, I think that my cats are deep intellectuals answering the questions of the universe.
*If a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, why are we not eating birds?
*Why must the squirrels taunt us through the glass?
*If sleeping sixteen hours a day is good, how can I go for eighteen?
* One cabinet contains the treats then perhaps all cabinets have the potential to contain treats?

However I think the majority of their questions revolve around why, when, and food.
*Why are you eating, but we aren’t?
*When are we eating?
*Can we eat more?
*Were you sleeping? Can you get up now?
*Why is this door closed?
*Hey, what are you eating?

3 thoughts on “Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

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