Bow Down: Bad Cat Poems

Eyes rolled heavenward.

“Tremble, human, at greatness.

Fetch me nip mousies.”



(This is just to say that we apologize to William Carlos Willams…again.)

This is just to say

That some time in the night

When you were sleeping


Half asleep in mid slumber,

Just on the precipice of wakefulness and actual rest,

I threw up.

This is just to say that from your bed

Nestled in tired pillows, you may have heard me


Thought that your dreams had new sound effects,

But somehow you did not fully wake up.

In the morning as you stumble through the new darkness of a blown ceiling bulb,

That first step will be




and Regretful

7 thoughts on “Bow Down: Bad Cat Poems

  1. hahahahahahahaha so true and yet still so very annoying LOL

    Love the photo. We call that pose the “FP” or Full Princess… when the tail is wrapped Ohhhh so primly around the front paws….versus just the “Princess” when they sit very erect and regal waiting for you to serve them properly… which of course we don’t LOL. Let’s face it, we are so disappointing as Support Staff 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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