Day 16: Happy Morning Sunshine Time

A rare photo of 100% of the cat population present for Happy Morning Sunshine Time.

Happy Morning Sunshine Time is one of the things that I look forward to on weekend mornings and days off. It does not get old. It can last for a few minutes or a few hours depending on mood, to-do’s or reading material.

The essentials of Happy Morning Sunshine involve a comfortable chair by a window so the cats and I can view whatever wildlife cruises through the yard. Given our city location, that is usually squirrels, chipmunks, a limited species of birds and stray cats attracted to the birds. We have a vast appreciation for squirrels and chipmunks; having hosted  a squirrel orgy, there’s probably a whole essay or two just revolving around the antics of those critters.

Coffee is also incredibly important. Whatever else is for breakfast is secondary to the necessity of caffeine intake, casually sipped while gazing outside or watching kitty WWF. Add good reading material and I could spend the entire morning here.

You would think that sunshine would be another essential to Happy Morning Sunshine, but really it’s the cats. Sunshine is nice, I love watching them melt into sunspots. Miles, ironically, is the biggest sunspot aficionado. An all black cat in the sun equals baked kitty. It’s like he’s trying to boil his tiny cat brain. Once he gets too hot, he’ll crawl into my lap for a cool down. However whether there is sun or not, the cats will gather where I am and stretch out, wrestle, groom each other and look out the window. I can happily, peacefully enjoy their company.

Wrestling break. This is the hold them off at paws-length move.

12 thoughts on “Day 16: Happy Morning Sunshine Time

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