I have to burn my garden to the ground. Part 2

I went back out there this morning. I’m not sure why other than nature is beautiful if terrifying at times, and I wanted better photos. Residing in the corner of my yard was a stellar example of a female Argiope aurantia the Black and Yellow Garden Spider.

She was there, working her web, plotting my death, luring me closer so she could jump on my face. I hadn’t even had my coffee yet.


The zigzag thing is called a stabilimentum.

What was I thinking other than, “Don’t throw up on yourself! Or on the spider. It’ll just piss her off!” The article I found said that this type of spider has been known to capture lizards! Someone else found one that claimed birds as prey, and yet another said small bats. What the fuck!

I found exploded bird bits yesterday while mowing. They were across the yard from the spider, but I’m going to assume that she just spit them there from her web. One false move and I’m her chance at “large human.”



I was keeping calm, just changing lenses when a carpenter bee hit the web. She went apeshit, spider ninja on it from the center of the web!


That is visible web shooting out of her spider arse which is a good indicator that she is TOO BIG!

I desperately tried to capture her spinning the bee. I never knew something could move that fast. But I was fumbling my camera lens and making a noise like air escaping from a balloon. No crying!

I could hear the bee angrily buzzing (turn your sound on)…until it wasn’t. The web wrapped package got visibly smaller as she clung to the silent bee, snacking.

Satisfied for now, she ambled back to the center of the web.


Bee in upper left.

I went back to the “safety” of the house. To wait for her next move. She’s big enough that I can see her across the yard from the back window. So I’m waiting for her to take a break. Leave the web and seek relief. The article said they take their “potty breaks” (seriously?!) at night.

spider2 copy

I assume that this is my future.


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