Day 17: Brains, brains, brains

I may have misplaced my brain.

I keep remembering things and then promptly forgetting them only moments later. For example, about 15 minutes ago, I had a perfectly legit post idea for today but it has since floated off somewhere. Maybe it’s in the Cloud? I’d check that but I don’t totally understand how. Darn Smarter Than Me phone.

Probably the lack of sleep doesn’t help much. I notoriously cannot get to sleep on Sunday nights. My mind goes into insane overdrive and will not SHUT THE FUCK UP so I can sleep. Nyquil PM and melatonin (not together!) help but the timing has to be just right. Last night at 11p.m. (my alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m.) my brain was making lists of stuff to tell my yearbook staff, number one of which was STOP cleaning out the printer tray when you pick your pages up!!!

****Side note: I just remembered that I was going to post on Cat Welfare’s Facebook page that I got the cat calendar today and the photo quality this year is way better than last year. This is one of their fundraisers, buy one, buy it now

Find us in February 2013!!!! Seventy-five percent of my cat population made the sidebar photos; I haven’t broken the bad news to the remaining twenty-five percent.***********

And I’m back! I leave stuff in the printer tray because then I know where it is and can easily find it. Sometimes I print things that I don’t need until later. The printer tray is a good a spot as any.

Additionally, Brain was composing a blog post about a horrible commercial for some show called The Baby Wait and had also managed to work a Chris Hardwick( comic, nerd, zombie lover see The Talking Dead) comment about teen pregnancy into the essay. You go, Brain, but I was NOT getting up again to write this down. I’d already been out of bed to pee like four times. Brain also likes to throw in some musical accompaniments on a repeating loop. Right now it favors Some Nights by Fun because it’s on the school announcements everyday and a little One Direction…who knows why. Mind you Brain absolutely does not know the words to any song and therefore just repeats the single phrase or chorus that it does know. This is how serial killers are made.

Brain was also busy negotiating the family agenda, creating pretend conversations and how to deal with them for Thanksgiving. Yea! Family oriented holidays. I can’t even start. I noticed that I’ve been clenching my jaw most of the weekend and definitely most of today. I will chew my night guard in half. Could be work related stress, the hovering presence of 85 essays, the fact that I just don’t feel 100% or the beginning of the holidays. I’ll be better in January.

Needless to say, I was a little off today. And pretty much like the rest of the teaching staff, questioned the necessity of two days of school right before a holiday break. We are lectured to have rich content filled lessons and to keep teaching up to the bell on the last day yet today we had a  fire drill AND a lock down drill. Tomorrow the Variety Show will disrupt at least two periods, one of which was disrupted today by the drills. So Brain is really conniving about some kind of content rich plan so that it doesn’t have to talk to the rest of my classes.

Brains, brains, brains, brains, brains

2 thoughts on “Day 17: Brains, brains, brains

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