Resolutions: Olivia Wigglebothum

I don’t have any friends until February 1. My group of goal-oriented, generally thin and healthy because they eat well and exercise regularly friends are going on a 30 day cleanse. This will adversely impact their drinking habits. They are typically four or more drinks deep to my one and done.

So for 30 days they will be alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and who knows what else deprived leading to hunger induced bitchiness and probably some green tea and vegetable  induced fartiness. They invited me to tag along, but I am already well stocked in bitchiness as well as fartiness, and life has shown me that I’m not particularly goal-oriented especially when it interferes with me eating.

Olivia agrees that this is all well and good as long as  we still have eggs on the weekends.

Eggs, eggs, eggs! We resolve to eat eggs!january20191

We also resolve to support the arts and the shelter. The Amazing Cat Show is happening again January 11 at 400 West Rich. There will any amount of ridiculous things happening at the show. If you’re in central Ohio, stop by.


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