A Snack For Later

This is the back corner of my closet. It is mostly Birdie’s “safe spot” but sometimes used by the other cats. It’s quiet, dark, and a good place to hide from toddlers and evil vacuums.

I went into the closet last night to find something, but had to pause to do the doggy head tilt because I really did not understand what I was seeing. Nestled in the “safe spot’s” blanket was a spatula. Specifically a spatula with dried egg on it which meant that it may have been safely tucked away since Sunday.

I like that the spatula was tucked in. So cozy.

I like that the spatula was tucked in. So cozy.

Olivia has already established that she loses her mind over eggs, and that she will happily steal the spatula from the sink and carry it around  therefore she is my number one suspect.

My hope is that we will not be adding any medication for hoarding to the current antibiotics and anti-anxiety meds that my little weirdos are already on. I should probably check under the bed for my colander.

7 thoughts on “A Snack For Later

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