A relaxing day with cats

Started with “Dear Mommy, thank you for holding me over the tiled flooring while I puked and then washing my paws which I flicked puke droplets from on route to the sink even though you were completely topless the whole time.”

Beginning the day that way seemed like a really good excuse to try out a Christmas present: vodka and Bloody Mary mix from a local distillery.

It seemed heavy on the pickle juice.

Did Day 1 of Yoga With Adrienne because it’s always possible that I could get my physical shit together.

Somehow disappointed everyone in the process. “We see you. But we wish that we didn’t.”

Might take a bath later. Provided that the tub is free. Probably not gonna happen.

Yoga and…..

Yoga and…

Yoga and…

(My sister and I have an unhealthy love of Super Troopers. “Do you boys like Mexico!” is family code for getting tacos.)

Yoga and….FOOD!

I’ve done yoga with cats: awesome! Yoga with some friends and hundreds of strangers in a giant soccer stadium: pretty cool, but almost barfed a little. The instructors kept trying to one up each other and suddenly 50 minutes of yoga turned into 90 minutes on a July evening.


However yoga with the promise of food is on par with petting cats during poses. The local trend seems to be bars and restaurants that will clear out their dining space, bring in a local studio teacher and hold yoga sessions with anything from craft beer to full meals afterwards.

When I’m done flipping my dog, I’m more of a full meal type of girl. If that full meal involves plantains and black beans all the better! El Arepazo, which serves a combination of Venezuelan and Colombian foods, has hosted two yoga brunches that I’ve coerced friends into attending.

Trying to be subtle about setting the camera timer and taking pictures while following instructions was a challenge. The instructors took a ton of photos and continue to use one where my warrior 2 looks like I’m a whiskey barrel with arms and legs attached to promote additional brunches, but I won’t steal pics from them.


The most recent brunch left me moving like I was ready for the retirement home this weekend. Yesterday my hips refused to work which meant lots of hobbling and an inability to try on shoes at DSW unless they were slip-ons. Today my hips are better, but my abs are screaming which means sneezing is an adventure in bodily fluids going everywhere.

For $25 we got a pretty challenging 50 minute session. Part of the challenge was mentally tolerating the ongoing yogi “change your outlook, change your life” life coach monologuing. My glass is often half empty with dead bugs floating in it.

However the pre-fixe meal options afterwards were worth it. The first time I got the chilaquiles (top photo), but this time I tried the tostada (bottom photo). Chilaquiles win due to the overall quantities of plantains and beans. The tostada was good, but was essentially a salad with a few desirable items hidden inside tons of lettuce. I’m no rabbit. That green sauce on the side that is a combination of cilantro and some highly addictive street drug is the magic that holds all Arepazo meals together. I want to bath in this sauce.


Yoga and cats and food so far are the winning combos. Yoga on stand up paddle boards?

I just don’t know.

DIY Yoga

Accumulating projects just proves I’m alive! Or maybe it’s the getting them done part that proves that.img_5590

I’ve jealousy eyed the tie-dyed leggings of more…um…compactly built yoga classmates, wishing I could find a pair for myself.  Internet searches for white or at least light colored yoga leggings resulted in brands featuring thin, cheap fabric and size XL’s that probably would not have been compatible with my size XL.

The other key was cotton fabric. I learned during this project that polyester dye CANNOT be used for tie-dye purposes unless you are willing to dip the fabric into crazy hot water and stand there holding it while the dye and fabric react to the heat. Using the poly dye in the same way I normally would, results in all of the dye being washed from the fabric in the first rinse. Oops.

Sometimes you really do need to read the directions and then re-read them, and then go read some instructional articles.


My sister’s technique: Nothing says leggings model like fish flavored Newfoundland drool.

Finally, Old Navy put out a white and light gray legging in their exercise line. The fabric was predominantly cotton, workable colors, not see-through, and sized to fit. I grabbed multiple pairs during a sales event and went to work. (I have gone back hoping to find more on super clearance but no luck thus far.)

The final product didn’t quite reflect my vision, but the poly dye snafu gave me a second chance to work with patterns. Reviews have been positive and nobody has come back sweaty with tie-dyed skin.

I gave a few away as gifts with the disclaimer that the wearer had to send me a blog approved photo. This what happens when I model yoga poses:


Basic tree…ok                                  oh no………..                                 ….    shit

And when my strong, flexible friend models them:


She went Crow!!!

Yep. Definite compare/contrast situation.


I need to get my head down when I peel the three-legged dog.Giant white sports bra peekin’ at ya!

As far as a my modeling technique, I decided my sister had the right idea. Just the wrong animal.

Cat super model!




Finally, I got to attend a yoga with cats event. Check!

As promised, Eat, Purr, Love Cat Cafe is scheduling evening events like painting and yoga with their adoptable cats. When yoga with cats popped up first thing on my Facebook feed this week, I reserved a spot immediately because their first session filled up quickly.

The idea that this was my evening event, kept me going all day! However I kept checking to make sure that it wasn’t cancelled because the reservations were not filling up as expected. With furniture moved aside, the cafe could easily accommodate the 16 yoga spots available. Sadly, there was only 4 of us plus the instructor who was named…wait for it….Kitty.

It was still a good hour and a half of yoga plus cats! As soon as I put my mat down, this crazy calico started attacking the flowers.


We were encouraged to interact with the cats and grab some toys before starting the workout. There may have been some catnip stimulation all around.


I unwittingly provided group entertainment when we started our first round of sun salutations. I had my hoodie on because it was chilly; and while I will wear a skimpy tank top during a workout, I do cover up from car to studio because there’s just a lot of boobs and tattoos happening. It did not occur to me that the hoodie strings would be better than catnip.


I love the third photo where Milo sees himself on the camera screen.

At one point, I scooped Milo up to Mountain pose and Heart Center. He was into it. This guy tugged at my hoodie and my heart strings. He was the cat trying to find  a snuggle partner in my previous post. Super sweet, chill personality, bunny-soft fur, and a floofy tail with rings around it. Fortunately for him, Milo was already adopted by the Chris who opened the cafe. Foster cafe fail?

He continued to help me with my poses for a while. Downward facing dog works with cats, but you can’t take your plank all the way to the floor when a furry someone is camped out under you. I’ll just count it as more intense since I had to hover until the next pose.


Thanks, Milo.

Was the instruction good? Yes.

Did I pay a little more to do this than I wanted? Maaaayyyybbbeeeeeeeeeeee.

Was it for the good cause of cats? Yes.

Was I excited as hell to get to do this? Absolutely!