Happy Halloween. We tried. Not too hard, but ya know…

I struggled a little bit with pumpkin design this year. I feel like the owl was okay, but rather uninspired. The pumpkin on the left totally got away from me. The vision was unclear and the execution was worse. Our Yelp review will be terrible!IMG_E8269a

Perhaps due to the poor designs, there was only a 50% participation rate among the cat super models. I’m not sure where everybody was. I definitely sat on the cold kitchen floor with the camera and a bag of treats for an extensive amount of time.


The Bird

I guess we’re lucky to have made it this far. Two days later the cat/dragon/geometric shapes whatever was leaking and both pumpkins went out to the garden. Hopefully they will be as popular as the spaghetti squash remnants.


As always, Miles brought his soulful A-game….mostly because Mommy had treats.

This one is my favorite. Look at those fangs! Happy Halloween!



My cats are supermodels. By “supermodels”, I mean that they are difficult to work with, finicky, and mercurial yet beautiful.  They strike poses, complain about the lighting, the food, their accommodations, my choices etc…

They are not super models (note use of superlative this time) because a shot that starts like this…

Calico drama

Calico drama

…generally ends with something like this.

You said closer?

You said closer?

This morning, three of the four parked themselves in a strong sunbeam across the living room floor. Using their innate flair for drama, they knew that being half in and half out of the sunbeam would create a more striking shot. Fortunately, it also let me eliminate most of the living room detritus behind them: some cat toys, a laundry basket, my sewing box, and a coat. Someone should really clean in here.

Sookie gave me the best and longest performance which is unusual for her since she is uneasy about me getting too close to her. God forbid that I should pet her or pick her up. She also created a lovely cat shadow.

Tiger drama

Tiger drama

Now give me content...

Now give me content…

Closer...taking my life into my hands in here

Closer…taking my life into my hands in here

She even changed poses for me. She knows she’s pretty.



Look into my eyes.

She has the most magnificent whiskers.

Miles tried, but was all over the place and couldn’t stop turning his head and trying for sultry over the shoulder looks.

His best, but not great.

His best, but not great.