Karate Kitten Cuteness.

People keep sharing articles with me about Hisakata Hiroyuki’s photography project with street cats. He captures what every cat owner knows: cats are amazingly bendy and can dance through the air. The photos are colorful and dynamic. I particularly like the one where a cat appears to be dancing in a twinkling field of flowers.

Every once in awhile, I try to recreate popular cat related experiments and photo shoots. I can assure you that my cats do not care about cucumbers. They spent most of the time licking them. We’ve tried Maru’s slide through a box: meh success. Years ago, Bella and I spent some time playing around with black and white photos after I attended a photo exhibit by Tony Mendoza of Ernie the Cat.

catsnowday 174a

Practically as cool as Ernie the Cat.

So when Olivia Wigglebothum was begging for play time in a convenient sun spot, I gave kung fu kitty photos a chance. It became immediately clear that Hiroyuki has a better set up and/or far more coordination than I do. I’m right handed so the camera was steadiest in that hand, but my left hand’s ability to flip the string in an alluring way was suspect. However, 50 photos later there was some undeniable karate kitten cuteness.

Airborne, but blurry.

DSCF2245Caught it, but seems confused. I love her planted hind feet.


Had it! Cat tongue!DSCF2250Anticipation. Whiskers at the ready.


The Winner!!


Cat Yogi

Miles took his sunspot to the next level, using it to do some hot yoga. He creatively used his firm mouse pillow as a block to help hold poses and stretches. (Seriously, he’d wiggle around, strike  a pose then hang out there for a minute of two. Must have felt good.)

Hold and focus on your breath.

Hold and focus on your breath.

He even conducted some classes.

Miles instructing a young practitioner.

Miles instructing young practitioner Olivia.



Back When There Was Sunlight: Day 29



Today Ohio decided it has had enough of this silly spring concept and brought first sideways rain, then ice pellets, and now snow. That will show the daffodils who is in charge!

Back when there was sunlight and morning sunspots on the floor, the blackest cat in the house would melt there. None of the other cats covet a sunspot as much as Miles. He will lay there for hours roasting himself. To pet him is to singe your fingers. He rolls over periodically so all sides may sun worship.

I wonder what temperature he reaches. It turns out that some scientists checked out the internal temperatures of black bears in the sun,but exploring that answer seems invasive with Miles. I’m content to let him cook until he’s done.


p.s. Tonight from 8:30-9:30 is Earth Hour. Find something creative to do in the dark. 😉