Karate Kitten Cuteness.

People keep sharing articles with me about Hisakata Hiroyuki’s photography project with street cats. He captures what every cat owner knows: cats are amazingly bendy and can dance through the air. The photos are colorful and dynamic. I particularly like the one where a cat appears to be dancing in a twinkling field of flowers.

Every once in awhile, I try to recreate popular cat related experiments and photo shoots. I can assure you that my cats do not care about cucumbers. They spent most of the time licking them. We’ve tried Maru’s slide through a box: meh success. Years ago, Bella and I spent some time playing around with black and white photos after I attended a photo exhibit by Tony Mendoza of Ernie the Cat.

catsnowday 174a

Practically as cool as Ernie the Cat.

So when Olivia Wigglebothum was begging for play time in a convenient sun spot, I gave kung fu kitty photos a chance. It became immediately clear that Hiroyuki has a better set up and/or far more coordination than I do. I’m right handed so the camera was steadiest in that hand, but my left hand’s ability to flip the string in an alluring way was suspect. However, 50 photos later there was some undeniable karate kitten cuteness.

Airborne, but blurry.

DSCF2245Caught it, but seems confused. I love her planted hind feet.


Had it! Cat tongue!DSCF2250Anticipation. Whiskers at the ready.


The Winner!!


The worst poem ever: Can I Go to Bed Now?

Spring time sunshine, evening golden glow through my windowsBringing the yard to life, the yard that I put off mowing…unlike my neighbors. 

Put off because two monstrous gray clouds followed me around the neighborhood this evening 

Never mind the cracks of bright blue, surely these bring rain. 

However sunlight remained. 

And is still here even though




Guilt that there is daylight still,keeps me awake and mostly clothed. 

Even though I have descended onto the couch and am pinned down by a blanket

Which is pinned down by a cat because 

Despite the persistent sunlight

My house is cold and the cat likes this particular blanket. 

My mind says “You are tired. Go take a bath. You deserve it.”

But there is sunlight so

I can tally all the minutiae of the day that started at 5:40 a.m. before the problematic sunlight

The rush to work to give the two hour standardized test that can only happen on iPads which can only function with wifi which is not made by sunlight

The off kilter sense of the day with a shortened class schedule because of the two hour test

All classes but the one class. Oh that one class. 

And I am just



But probably not as tired as my friend who had yet another cancer treatment today. 

Who is probably glad to see and feel the longer lasting sunlight. 

Not so tired that I can’t make something new for dinner -shrimp and broccoli- while 

Maintaining a constant loop of an imaginary conversation with a student who claims she is skipping my class because we are doing presentations. 

We aren’t even doing them yet. 

It is exhausting because I don’t feel like fighting a battle that I will lose. 

I feel like ignoring the bullshit of teenagers because they think

Sunlight shines out of their asses. 

It shines out of the sky and is still here which means

I should be grateful for another sunny day and not




And wondering if the cat wants to get high on the nip 

So that we can both go to sleep after the sunlight leaves.