Little Adventures: PRIDE

My concept for Little Adventures is the idea of exploring the local things that I’ve been living near for years, but either didn’t know about or never took the time to investigate. I’ve got a whole mental list of posts, but it’s also that time of year when I should be scampering outside having LITTLE ADVENTURES instead of staring at a screen. This makes my writing less than timely as PRIDE Month ends tomorrow which means June is over which is just horrible for so many reasons!


I’ve lived in Columbus for 18 years, but have never attended any PRIDE Week festivities. This year there was opportunity, motivation (sort of), and transportation to the Saturday morning parade.

My adventure buddy read that area shops would open early so parade goers could also shop local. Enthusiasm translated “open early” to “I’ll be at your house at 7:15 am!”  We found ourselves wandering relatively empty streets, aside from people organizing floats, wearing our “Love Wins” shirts and feeling a bit like the people who wear the band’s t-shirt to the concert. It turns out “open early” meant roughly at 10:30 when the parade was supposed to start.

However I’m always secretly thrilled by the opportunity to safely walk down the middle of what is normally a very busy street. We did a couple of lonely laps and then found a restaurant open for breakfast. Window seating let us watch other PRIDE attendees with far more fabulous outfits than ours slowly emerge and stake out parade viewing territory. There was also a gaming con of some sort at the convention center a few blocks down, so we also got to watch several Deadpools, Batmen, and other assorted characters emerge.


My hair looks this awesome because SOMEBODY had to have the top down while speeding on the highway at 7:15 am. FYI that is a really cold situation.

Being early meant that about 10 minutes after leaving breakfast, we were some of the first customers at the Tupelo Honey Donut truck. Because that’s what you need after breakfast…. donuts. Second breakfast! Hobbit life, y’all!

We also had time for me to participate in the “As We Are” interactive sculpture in the convention center. Adventure buddy had already done it with her kids. It’s a combo of The Wizard of Oz “Ignore that man behind the curtain”, horrifying giant pores revealed , and funny. In part it’s about diversity which seems pretty appropriate for PRIDE.


Coincidentally, I wasn’t the only one attending their first PRIDE Week activity. VP Mike Pence was in town the day before to speak at a downtown hotel. Poor timing or deliberate aggravation on his part, who knows, but protesters met him with a dance party. At the parade we saw “Mike Hot Pence” who really could act as a stunt double for the VP except that he was dancing, and taking selfies with people all while garbed in a suit coat and tie up top and booty shorts on the bottom.June20182

Once the parade started, it was just a glorious conglomeration of happy cheering, music, and all the rainbow swag you could catch! A good adventure!

CBus does PRIDE right even if some Ohioan lawmakers continue to bring on the haters. Lawmakers are debating  Ohio House Bill 658 that would compel teachers, among other government entities, to out “suspected” (whatever the fuck that might end up meaning) transgender students to their parents cause it’s all about family. While many parents might be loving and accepting of their child’s identity, you don’t have to watch more than one season of RuPaul’s Drag Race or Project Runwayto learn that loving is not the guaranteed reaction when Mom and Dad discover that they now have a direct link to the LGBTQ community. It’s not actually kosher for me to directly tell a parent that I think a kid does a lot of drugs, or seems dangerously promiscuous, or is an asshat because of their parenting choices. But I should speculate and report a kid’s sexual identity? Rigghhhhtttttt.

I only report dirty communists and sometimes witches. Just sometimes. 😉