Spring Break Extravaganza: Ricktator vs. Porch Dick

Rarely do I stay up on a Sunday night to watch The Walking Dead. I typically DVR it then watch it Monday night followed by The Talking Dead. Staying up beyond 9 on a school night- especially Sunday night- is just hard the next day. My lunch bunch runs into the same problems so our zombie analysis is typically reserved for Tuesdays.

However, in the girls gone wild spirit of Spring Break, I stayed up at my sister’s house to watch the latest episode “Try” with her. (She did have school the next day, but she’s way more energetic than me and doesn’t feel the need to watch Talking Dead immediately after.)

I TRIED to like “Try.” It is the second to last episode of the season so it has to be setting us up for something interesting. Right? RIGHT? But until the last 5 minutes of the episode, a good part of my mind was wondering what to spell for my next move in Words With Friends.

****Really Boring Spoilers

“Who’s Deanna” is sad because her dead son liked Nine Inch Nails. Whatever… her and all the other moms of the  world. (I was just happy to be able to identify the band when the song started. I miss Beth’s penchant for Tom Waits, but I don’t miss Beth.) Would it help if Deanna knew that her douchy kid lasted longer in the comics, but was still gutted in the end?

Minus the hat and the all-revealing clothes, Rosita is barely recognizable. For a second I thought Michonne had hired Carol’s stylist and was wearing a cardigan. Michonne does not look like herself either especially minus her sword. Sasha is losing her shit and doesn’t need anyone’s help. Thank you, surly one dimensional character.

Carol is busy stirring the pot literally- apocalyptic tuna casserole- and figuratively- “Hey, Rick, you know how I suggested that you kill Porch Dick Pete? Get on that.” I love the fucked up Suzy Home Maker angle she’s working. It keeps reminding me of Kathleen Turner in Serial Mom.

Carl follows the only remaining age-appropriate female into the zombie infested woods so he can touch her hand while they stand inside a tree. My sister occasionally gets a text message from a co-worker that just says, “Death to Carl.” She said the guy will be disappointed to learn that so far one-eyed Carl is still surviving in the comics and is still a pompous “Dad, you don’t understand” ass.

Essentially all of these characters have different mumbled conversations about their feelings. All of their feelings, including Rick’s, seem to boil down to how damned sad and confused they are about living in a relatively safe, civilized community populated by at least one hot soccer mom.

Bored. Bored. Bored.

Their mopey commiserating does nothing to move the plot along and only drives home the super obvious idea that Rick’s group does not fit in with the weak and pampered unless they are playing the game with intent like Carol.

On the flip side though, to suddenly have the Ricktator and Porch Dick Pete flying through windows Old West style and gouging at each other’s eyes, was a sudden shift in content and mood. The message remains the same- Rick and friends don’t fit in- but the animalistic nature of the fight  followed by Rick pulling his gun on the weaklings was an extreme contrast to the rest of the episode.

Pete gets props for lasting longer in the fight than expected and for clocking his wife in front of the crowd. Now we ALL know that he’s bad news for Jessie. I assumed his fight with Rick would be a one hit wonder with Pete on the floor in seconds. Also, is he always drunk? I’m having an issue distinguishing clearly drunk Pete who offers medical advice and friendships  from “I just might be upset to find you here with my wife and that’s why I seem a bit off” Pete.

Predictions for the extended finale:

1. Rick didn’t drop the “if they can’t make it, we’ll take over ” line in an earlier episode for nothing. The Ricktator eventually rules Alexandria in the comics.

2. “Who’s Deanna” will attempt to be civilized about what to do with Rick and friends. Exile, anyone? This will cue:

a.) An outside danger to arrive that only Rick and friends can deal with therefore proving their worth and right to take over. Perhaps the answer to all the zombies sporting W’s.

b.) Rick’s group to be torn over who is willing to follow an exiled Rick/watch him be punished, versus who wants to try to fit in and add to their sweater set collection. Which reminds me, where the Hell is Maggie? Shouldn’t              she and Glen be having giddy married couple conversations about establishing a home and breeding?

c.) Undercover Carol to emerge from deep cover and make good on all her simmering bad ass-ness.

3. The next bad guy will appear. The show’s version of Neegan carrying Lucille?

4. Darryl will take a shower. A really long hot shower.