Summer Life Hack

I love a good nap. Summer. winter. Just layer with cats, and let me snooze for an hour. However I need a blanket of some sort on me to really nap well. Summer’s too hot , you say! Who needs a blanket? Let me introduce the “napping sheet.”

I suspect that this is weird, but what’s new.

Birdie is currently in control of the napping sheet because it’s on “her bed” in “her room” when she’s not dominating my bedroom.

Picture this: You’ve been outside half the day being sweaty and fantasizing that the broiling sun works like bacon sizzling in a pan making that fat just drip off of you. You come in for a refreshing shower and the nap vibe kicks in. Maybe get half dressed, maybe don’t. Either way the napping sheet is readily available to lightly encase and protect you as you lose consciousness. (I’m not sure what it’s protecting you from. Ask the people who can’t sleep with any body parts hanging off the bed creating exposure to under the bed monsters to explain the logic.) Napping sheet can also be paired with a book for nodding off while reading.

Basically warm weather hits and I throw a single sheet into the spare bedroom solely for napping purposes. Yes, it gets washed and rotated out with other sheets. I have one sheet that has been washed a billion times and is super soft.

Sometimes Birdie will share the sheet.

You don’t have time for naps, you say? That’s just fuckin’ awful and I feel bad for your situation because a solid nap with a soft sheet and a furry friend is a thing of luxury and beauty at a pretty low price.

Pandemic naps and turkeys

I took my first nap since all of this bullshit happened! I have tried to nap; but as soon as I lay down, I can’t get my head to shut up. The same thing happens when I go to bed at night so I’ve also been afraid to nap because it might make it even harder to get to sleep.

However today’s combination of a good hike and weird eating schedule had me out cold. I woke up under two cats. That’s a good nap.

Getting out of the house and into the woods definitely helped my state of mind. Of course, everybody seems to have the same idea right now so the metro parks are full. However that didn’t stop the turkey population from getting out and looking for love.

I never noticed before how iridescent their feathers are. These guys are gorgeous from the neck down. That was the question of the day. Why all these elaborate feathers and then a bald head? I understand the bald head with vultures. They’re dipping their heads into carrion all day, but turkeys?

I guess the look works. These two toms were gobbling from across the lake, attracting our attention and that of the hen investigating bird feeder droppings. She didn’t giggle quite as much as I did every time they gobbled.

Rainy Sunday

It’s a rainy Sunday and the temperatures promise to drop from the rainy 70’s to the snowy 40’s. Nobody wants to get out of bed for that.

Except that the cats want fed so that they can go back to bed after getting me up. I’m fairly certain that Miles sent Olivia Wigglebothum in as the first wave of attack.

However her technique is horrible. Why would I want to get out of bed if this wiggly kitten is under the covers spooning my stomach and popping out to wipe her face on my chest and give me wet nose boops?


They’ll have to discuss wake up call procedures at their next contract meeting. As predicted , everyone, but me went back to bed after breakfast. I went to the grocery store which is not nearly as fun as napping.

The Brangelina of our household made the most of cuddly nap time. They are once again in fierce competition to be a part of the Cat Welfare cat calendar. Votes purchased on the calendar site act as donations to the shelter where Miles came from.


I’m allowed to nap!

I’ve had a relatively productive Sunday if compared to the productivity level of other Sundays or even other days of the week. I got up at a reasonable hour- thanks, cats. Did some laundry. Completed a small artsy fartsy project. Went to the grocery and managed to spend too much money while retrieving all but two items despite my forgotten list. I then tore out the rest of the frosted and dead garden detritus because tomorrow is Yard Waste Day and today there was actually sunshine. I also dug up the the sweet potato crop which seems a bit smaller than last year’s, but the vines were deceased so it was go time. All in all, it seemed like a nap was a reasonable next step.


Good naps start by lying around reading until trying to read while lying on my stomach cuts off just enough oxygen to my brain to make me nice and drowsy. The cats are less than helpful with this. There is nothing more soothing than being stared at by furry vultures.

They also feel that this is a prime opportunity to play on the shelves. Thumping and thunking from shelf to shelf and on to the bed. Eventually I fell asleep for a whole 20 minutes. I woke up before my alarm so it must have been enough. When I opened my eyes, I was greeted by a very blurry Olivia sitting across from me staring at my face. Big yawn from her so unimpressed with me. I turned my head to the right and saw these guys.


It’s not exactly the direct contact nap cuddle that I would like, but at least they participated. Thanks, cats.