You sent my cats a vibrator?

As part of my birthday package, my friend’s five year old felt that my cats needed a new toy. I’m her favorite person so there is no denying her wishes.

She chose a purple unicorn because she’s classy. You pull the unicorn’s tail and it vibrates for about five seconds. It vibrates with a very familiar vibraty noise… that I’ve heard on TV. Wink.

Birdie was horrified, but Sookie sensed the possibilities.

Sookie thinks ahead. Couple’s time.

It’s all fun and games until somebody falls in

Miles has had the sneezes for over a week. Big, spraying, far reaching cat sneezes that insure that most of my house is now covered with tiny snot particles. We’ve been to the v-e-t where he got an antibiotic shot and his symptoms have lessened, but after a big snotty sneeze today, I decided to steam him a bit in the bathroom.

The consistent vet advice for snotty cats is to lock them in the bathroom with you while you take a hot shower. The cat allegedly spends bathroom time breathing deeply so as to clear out those clogged passages.

Miles spent his time yelling at me from behind the shower curtain…until he fell in to the tub.


The very moment that I had soaped up my face, I heard and felt a pump jug of bath gel hit the bottom of the tub along with frantic scrambling noises. I could see just enough to give his booty a boost as Miles frantically tried to pull himself back out. Luckily he was mostly shielded by the curtain.

When I was done and could survey the wet cat damage, I found a soaked tail and flank with wet paws. However Miles had regained his cool and was just chillin’ on the rug hoping this indignity would end in food.



New Year’s Resolutions: Couple Goals


I don’t think I’ve ever been as blissed out by anyone’s kisses as Sookie is by Miles. No human dating apps on the horizon for 2020. It’s much easier to just watchmy cats’ soap opera than it is to deal with actual humans. The cats do not disappoint and theirs has been a long running relationship.


I guess I’ll never understand why their romance typically takes place in the smallest bed we own.


This looks adorable, but that is her “I’ve had enough” face.

Fleas Navidad


Miles, always the professional.

Oddly enough, I got it together this year in time to actually order and send my cards before Christmas. Shocking!  Only taxidermied pets had to wear costumes. Everybody else just needed to behave for like 5-10 minutes each.

It was a lot to ask.

Birdie tried to be as focused as Miles, but her sassy nature (and Olivia) got in the way.


The Wigglebothum barely tried.

“Psssssttt, Ross, what are we looking at? That squirrel??”



Sookie, of course, went into hiding the instant she sensed the costume bag and camera. However as I was cleaning up, she was casually camped out on the Ripple Rug chuckling at outwitting me once again. Seeing an opportunity, I scooped her up and really wrapped up the photo shoot.

Disclaimer: I literally had to lock the two of us in the bathroombecause I needed both hands to pull the Santa hat on. There was no way Sookie was hanging around for that.


Olivia was less than helpful here.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Miles, Sookie, Birdie, Olivia Wigglebothum, W. Charles Marmota, Ross the Holiday Armadillo, Cheese Curds, Maury Bearassed, and The Weasel (name TBD)


House Cats of Central Ohio: Love Triangle

In this episode of House Cats of Central Ohio, we find spurned, long time lover Sookie sulking. Miles seems to have thrown her over for the younger and more formally dressed Olivia Wigglebothum. Rumor has it that Olivia gives as good as she gets in the grooming department.

Whatever cat fight is brewing, Miles will sleep through it.

In a twist of blackmail, back stabbing, and faked evil twins, Sookie has a plan!

The Wigglebothum is out. Sookie has resumed her deserved place.

On the next episode of House Cats of Central Ohio, Miles finds himself trapped like a CATerpillarby one of his jealous loves.

Will he metamorphosis? Will he fly?