Not my first Catzilla rodeo.

Everyone but Sookie who has fled the scene got flea meds. Miles and Olivia will now lick themselves silly and then try to help each other, leading to my paranoid delusions of them ingesting too much flea medicine.

Pet parent hack: costume bag. (as seen in a previous post)

We’re gonna be Catzillas until the drops dry or until I get tired of watching them destroy Mothra.

Miles is doubly offended because I also trimmed his nails. I do like though that Olivia’s first instinct is to have really good posture.

Even Catzilla needs catnip.

Catzilla gets treats!

GET. UP. The Second

When in doubt about how to proceed with your art installation, invite a second party in for a consultation.

Suggestion: Address the extremes.

A loving connection. Mutual grooming. Any time and place is a good time for that. Again it is all about the inner cat and the cat oneness with the universe. Do what you want where you want. As loudly and lick-ily as you want.

Stunning disapproval. Stare daggers at those who disapprove of your choices. Savages! If the world cannot GET. UP. , you’ll put those feelings on the table.

Also please, GET. UP. creating great art makes cats hangry.


The GET. UP. series is an art project/ protest piece that the cats are working on.

It digs into the impact of alarm clocks in cat lives and how human time is a ridiculous structure. At the heart of cat lives there is only meal time and that is something sensed and ingrained through a oneness with the universe.

While all of them participate in their own way, Miles seems to take the lead in exploring different approaches to the subject matter and curating photos.

Some for later

I provided a lovely couples brunch (they used to consistently share from the same plate), and Miles decided to save some for later. He used an entire cat blanket. Time for laundry.

I had to look this up. I’d always assumed the covering of leftover food was a negative review of my cooking. The internet claims that it’s instinctual to hide it from predators and maybe save some for later.

Our COVID Habits Confession

Confession: I look forward to sorting laundry on Saturday mornings.

I get dressed in something comfortable because I’m not going anywhere. Pandemic, baby!

Make my coffee. Cue up a podcast, and camp out on my bedroom floor sorting piles. My piles? Things that can go in the dryer and things that need to go on the drying rack. The end. Miles usually helps because he is the Helper Cat.

For whatever reason it’s relaxing and I feel like I accomplished something. I’m not sure what I’m going to do when people start expecting me to go places again.