Permanent Art: Portland

Another double dip from my takeover, another amazing road trip, another amazing  find. Our day at the Portland Saturday Market in Portland, Oregon was near the tail end of a 17 day trip that took us from hiking canyons and national parks to strolling San Francisco and Seattle.

img_8345The market was a wonderful collection of the strange and unusual. I had yet to find anything like it in Columbus. I didn’t know about Craftin’ Outlaws yet.

  • Artist: Sarah Bolerjack @bolerjackintaglioworks
  • Title/year: Grace’s Dream 1997, Morning Mist 1997, The Bird Watcher 1998 purchased 2003
  • Materials: intaglio print, ink, paper

September20191 When we found Sarah Bolerjack’s booth we all admired her work, and I believe, all walked away with some. It had tiny details, moons, stars, twisty trees, and , of course, cats. All the elements that can potentially draw me in. This would have been one of those times in life when I had to choose wisely and operate within my means as far as art purchases. I don’t remember exactly how it went down. I imagine that I had been verbally debating which print and whether or not I could afford multiple prints when Sarah intervened. She offered to trade her prints for the earrings I was wearing. They were my favorite at the time. I had made them out of carved bone butterflies and peach aventurine. There was some hesitation on my part, but not much.


Sarah’s pieces are special to me because of the trade, and the road trip with friends. As one of the fun side effects of the takeover, Sarah saw my  post and said she still has the earrings.

Ultimately “Grace’s Dream” was adapted into a very permanent art installation by tattoo artist Kat Moya in 2010, featuring my first “all mine” pet Bella Luna.


Art Where Weird is Normal: Asheville

This is another double dip from my Instagram takeover.

If you’ve never been to Asheville, North Carolina, go now! Given things may have changed, but at least in 2007 the motto I kept coming across on t-shirts was “Asheville, where weird is normal.” Hello, Mothership!


Just trying to follow the motto. 2007

Asheville was a stop on a tour that started at Graceland to visit Elvis (I need a vintage velvet Elvis),

july07 097

Leopard print and gold lame seemed like a Graceland requirement.

headed for the Smoky Mountains and ended at the beach. Back before my BFF and eternal Adventure Buddy had kids, we did a lot of extended road trips.

july07 142

july07 248

Downtown Asheville features a two story Woolworth converted into a collective of local artists. I picked up prints by Sarah Faulkner, and photographs on barn wood by Rebecca Tolk  at Woolworth Walk. However my bank breaking , original piece that I picked up was at the Southern Highland Craft Guild on the outskirts of town. I splurged on Greg Magruder’s stained glass piece, feeling a little broke after buying it.

IMG_E7017It’s okay to buy big every once in a while. I feel like so much of my collecting reflects where I was financially in life. I have a lot of “it was affordable” pieces; they are small but mighty and still bring joy.

  • Artist: Greg Magruder
  • Title/year: untitled (Because I can’t remember it!) 2007
  • Materials/size: stained glass and metal,  9 -1/2 x 18


I believe the title – if I could unearth it- had something to do with sunrise, but when I look at this window,  I see a reflective orange moon rising through the trees. Those tree silhouettes remind me that I’d rather be hiking and breathing in the smell of pine. The blue glass makes an amazing dark stripe across the room in the early afternoons which, of course, my super model felines position themselves in.


The Horror of Disconnection

It was a dark and stormy night…is how this tale of horror should begin, but it was actually a bright and lovely morning.

I awoke without Wifi.

Nothing on my phone would load which wasn’t startling given its antiquity. (It’s paid off dammit.) However my computer with whom I had planned to spend some morning coffee time would only say that its broadband link had been garbled and funkled; I should check to see that the wire whooozits were tight.

The stomach tightening realization that I would have to DEAL WITH SOMETHING before peacefully going about my day sank in. I unplugged, re-plugged in, and held buttons down to restart all the blinking things that seemed relevant before dialing the dreaded 1-800 number for customer service.  A robotic Ken doll interpreted my graveling morning voice to determine that I had a “connection problem” then made fake automated typing noises to somehow reassure me of his competence. He let me know that my whooozits provider was funkled across a broad area, but was on the case and that I should not try to contact any humans as they were not privy to more details.

Did the gods of the internet not know that I had things to do today! There were cat pictures I needed to view on Instagram. What if someone’s status on Facebook had been updated overnight? How was I supposed to play Words With Friends while pooping? Should I just go back to reading a book on the toilet? Auughhhh! What. About. My. Pokemon. Game?

Incredibly annoying all around! Almost as annoying as my daily activities being dictated by some invisible doohickey that I don’t really understand. I just know it makes my trivial stuff work, but that somehow I was doing okay without its existence like twenty years ago.

However the part when humanity truly suffered was when I had to wait until everything re-connected to post this adorable photo.

This is pre-vacuuming today. The carpet is a slightly different color now.