Summer Life Hack

I love a good nap. Summer. winter. Just layer with cats, and let me snooze for an hour. However I need a blanket of some sort on me to really nap well. Summer’s too hot , you say! Who needs a blanket? Let me introduce the “napping sheet.”

I suspect that this is weird, but what’s new.

Birdie is currently in control of the napping sheet because it’s on “her bed” in “her room” when she’s not dominating my bedroom.

Picture this: You’ve been outside half the day being sweaty and fantasizing that the broiling sun works like bacon sizzling in a pan making that fat just drip off of you. You come in for a refreshing shower and the nap vibe kicks in. Maybe get half dressed, maybe don’t. Either way the napping sheet is readily available to lightly encase and protect you as you lose consciousness. (I’m not sure what it’s protecting you from. Ask the people who can’t sleep with any body parts hanging off the bed creating exposure to under the bed monsters to explain the logic.) Napping sheet can also be paired with a book for nodding off while reading.

Basically warm weather hits and I throw a single sheet into the spare bedroom solely for napping purposes. Yes, it gets washed and rotated out with other sheets. I have one sheet that has been washed a billion times and is super soft.

Sometimes Birdie will share the sheet.

You don’t have time for naps, you say? That’s just fuckin’ awful and I feel bad for your situation because a solid nap with a soft sheet and a furry friend is a thing of luxury and beauty at a pretty low price.

Napping Technique

I’m guessing with the quarantine situation, we’re all napping more than usual. Since I don’t have to check in for office hours this week, I have automatically transitioned to the “why am I still watching tv at 11pm?”, sleep in too late, but still take a nap later schedule. It’s not good.

I advise and Birdie concurs that if you are going to nap, a pet should be involved. Preferably a cat as they are bendy and work for many napping positions. They also seem to be climate controlled, just the right temperature all the time.

In this photo my hand is toasty warm as it is under The Bird, grasping, I believe, her left hind paw. She in turn has her front toes around my finger and is purring up a storm like the tiny, furry, crazy person that she is. All very soothing and comforting for both of us.

Napping Emergency System

Another blast of snow has brought on a Level 3 Napping Emergency.

Count ’em: 3.

The fourth one doesn’t understand the system and keeps jumping on and off the bed.

The Napping Emergency System recommends hot showers then layering with as many felines and blankets as possible regardless of time of day. Naps are best during daylight hours anyway.

Birdie is like an official ENC (Emergency Napping Cat) or something and held paws with me the whole nap.