Valentines:Shit got weird

MomBert sent this tiny little owl she created for Valentines Day. I’ll add it to my forest of creatures.

I had nothing prepared because I pretty much have Valentines Day mostly blocked from my brain. So I worked with what I had: cat hair. HUZZAH!

This was the intent ultimately with real cat whiskers. ***Side note: Legit cat people have a whisker collection. Maybe for art projects. Maybe magic wands. We don’t really know, but just in case….

But this might have been the end result. I think we have a merkin situation.

May your hoo-haw be covered in cat hair! Happy Valentines Day!


Miles is the only cat in the house who isn’t absolutely horrified by the vacuum. Annoyed? Sure. However he’ll typically sleep through my efforts to clean.

I’ve learned that the payback for his casual acceptance of the vacuum is that within an hour of me cleaning, he will start the reFURbishing process. He will find a way to not just add some hair back to carpet, but to leave actual tufts whether through wild-eyed playfulness or hardcore wrestling. This week, I came running because Sookie was shrieking. Miles went for hardcore wrestling/fighting with her, and left me tiger tufts across the living room.

I swear he’s just thinking about re-hairing strategies in this picture.IMG_7657

They don’t want to wear their own hair. Cats. What can you do?

An ungrateful colleague sent me this video as a “fun” alternative use to the cat hair in my house. He’d rather I do this instead of bringing “cat hair cookies” to our office. (The running joke is that the secret ingredient to all of my delightful baked goods is cat hair even though I practically strip down and put on a cat hair-free hazmat suit when cooking for other people.)

The guy buys most of his lunches at a gas station so his tastes may not be fully trustworthy, but he knows who he is and all cookies are now OFF LIMITS, MR. HOT-DOGS-ON-ROLLERS!

However, you know I tried it.

Oddly, my cats are absolutely NOT okay with wearing cat hair.

I believe Miles’ words were, “The fuck you will!”


All around results were “overwhelming sadness” with a heavy dose of shame.


Miles was distracted enough by the soft food to wear the hat briefly.

So we won’t do that anymore. Also I am perfectly aware that there are entire books of cat hair crafts. I do NOT want to own these books. Thanks.