Little Adventures: Shimmies for Kitties

Once again, I’ve stumbled on to something local that I had no clue about its existence even though it is now four years old!

Kitties plus belly dancing! Another fabulous approach to shelter fundraisers!

The Hip Art Collective has been hosting Shimmies for Kitties for four years now as a fundraiser for Cat Welfare Association former shelter to Bella Luna and Miles.

It was almost three hours of belly dancing performers so plenty of shimmies! We made a $10 dollar donation at the door and then were encouraged to buy raffle tickets and check out the vendors. Raffle prizes were a mix of cat related items and belly dancing accessories. The handful of vendors sold beauty products, elaborate dance costumes, leggings, knitting and, of course, Cat Welfare t-shirts ( I went with the green one).



Belly dancing comes from a variety of countries, and we got to see an assortment of styles and approaches to dance. Dancers used props ranging from veils to zills, balancing swords and sabers, feathered fans, and a cane.


Representing Sacred Shimmy

With several groups and individual performers, we also got a wide range of musical choices. A few used live musicians, many had pre-recorded traditional music, and surprisingly The Cure’s “The Lovecats” (evening appropriate!) and Britney Spears’s “Oops!…I did it again” were part of the mix. It all works. I used to use “Istanbul Not Constantinople” by They Might Be Giants for our routine during college.

IMG_7531IMG_7516I’ve always found belly dancing exciting. You get to jingle and wear sparkly things! There’s lots of room for improv. It’s accessible to all ages and body types. Best of all: the more shit you’ve got to shake, the better!

The evening ended with live music from Sacred Shimmy, dance, and more raffle prizes. The Hip Art Collective ladies are modeling the Shimmies for Kitties shirt with some lovely artwork. The shirts come in tanks, tees, and youth size with options on background colors. Available through August 4, sales of the shirts will go to continuing the event and supporting Cat Welfare Association.

Rainy Sunday

It’s a rainy Sunday and the temperatures promise to drop from the rainy 70’s to the snowy 40’s. Nobody wants to get out of bed for that.

Except that the cats want fed so that they can go back to bed after getting me up. I’m fairly certain that Miles sent Olivia Wigglebothum in as the first wave of attack.

However her technique is horrible. Why would I want to get out of bed if this wiggly kitten is under the covers spooning my stomach and popping out to wipe her face on my chest and give me wet nose boops?


They’ll have to discuss wake up call procedures at their next contract meeting. As predicted , everyone, but me went back to bed after breakfast. I went to the grocery store which is not nearly as fun as napping.

The Brangelina of our household made the most of cuddly nap time. They are once again in fierce competition to be a part of the Cat Welfare cat calendar. Votes purchased on the calendar site act as donations to the shelter where Miles came from.


I love, I love my little calendar girl

Once again Cat Welfare Association tricked me into participating in their kitty calendar contest! THEY GET ME EVERY TIME! I pay to enter photos, then pay to vote, then harass my friends and family to pay to vote…and then I buy the calendar.

Counting the calendars I purchased, my cats are responsible for about $200 of donated votes to earn their well deserved spots in the 2018 calendar. However the big winner at our house was Olivia Wigglebothum, 2018’s Miss April! It’s her birthday month!


Wigglebothum approved!

I purchased my calendar copies at the Cat Welfare Community Open House. They set up craft vendors, food, and live music that day in the shelter’s parking lot.


The cool flower is made entirely of coat hangers! DIY! DIY!

Thankfully, the shelter was also open so I could get in some petting of strange heads.


If you too, need to buy a bunch of calendars featuring my fur kid for various Christmas presents, they are now available on Cat Welfare’s website.

Wrong cat

Birdie, my "smart" cat.

Birdie, my “smart” cat.

After the peeing incident, Bella’s vet who may be slightly delusional suggested that the carrier needed to become a “safe haven.” I was too leave the carrier out and open near the food area, moving it closer and closer to where Bella eats. I was to make it a kitty spa full of catnip and treats for any kitty “smart” and brave enough to venture into the carrier. Unfortunately, Bella could give two shits about catnip and eats her treats directly outside the carrier but will not, for love nor money, stick her head inside the carrier to get the treat trail I placed there.

So far the two who are “smart” and brave enough to venture into the carrier are Birdie and Miles. (I’m totally making air finger quotes around “smart”). On the bright side, the carrier placement did allow me to easily capture Sookie and take her in for yearly appointment without engaging her in the epic stressful hide and chase routine we usually go through.

In other cat related events, Bella is Miss December in the 2014 Cat Welfare calendar. She’s fancy like that. Buy the calendar, support the shelter. They are also selling Candle Lab candles as a fundraiser right now.

She says she looks fabulous.

She says she looks fabulous.