Finally, I got to attend a yoga with cats event. Check!

As promised, Eat, Purr, Love Cat Cafe is scheduling evening events like painting and yoga with their adoptable cats. When yoga with cats popped up first thing on my Facebook feed this week, I reserved a spot immediately because their first session filled up quickly.

The idea that this was my evening event, kept me going all day! However I kept checking to make sure that it wasn’t cancelled because the reservations were not filling up as expected. With furniture moved aside, the cafe could easily accommodate the 16 yoga spots available. Sadly, there was only 4 of us plus the instructor who was named…wait for it….Kitty.

It was still a good hour and a half of yoga plus cats! As soon as I put my mat down, this crazy calico started attacking the flowers.


We were encouraged to interact with the cats and grab some toys before starting the workout. There may have been some catnip stimulation all around.


I unwittingly provided group entertainment when we started our first round of sun salutations. I had my hoodie on because it was chilly; and while I will wear a skimpy tank top during a workout, I do cover up from car to studio because there’s just a lot of boobs and tattoos happening. It did not occur to me that the hoodie strings would be better than catnip.


I love the third photo where Milo sees himself on the camera screen.

At one point, I scooped Milo up to Mountain pose and Heart Center. He was into it. This guy tugged at my hoodie and my heart strings. He was the cat trying to find  a snuggle partner in my previous post. Super sweet, chill personality, bunny-soft fur, and a floofy tail with rings around it. Fortunately for him, Milo was already adopted by the Chris who opened the cafe. Foster cafe fail?

He continued to help me with my poses for a while. Downward facing dog works with cats, but you can’t take your plank all the way to the floor when a furry someone is camped out under you. I’ll just count it as more intense since I had to hover until the next pose.


Thanks, Milo.

Was the instruction good? Yes.

Did I pay a little more to do this than I wanted? Maaaayyyybbbeeeeeeeeeeee.

Was it for the good cause of cats? Yes.

Was I excited as hell to get to do this? Absolutely!

Cats, Coffee, Quiet

We finally got a cat cafe!!! We’re the coolest!!

It took almost a year for them to get everything in order, but Eat, Purr, Love is now up and running! Knowing that I would eventually want to check it out, I donated to their Kickstarter campaign. My “purrks” were a free hour with kitties, a beverage and treat, a spot on the mural wall and a sweet t-shirt.


The Bird is unimpressed as per usual.

I visited on a dreary day that we had off from school. I definitely needed some perking up because, ironically, I was not feeling great due to a cat bite (more on that to come). The cafe is in the funky neighborhood of Clintonville. Its block has everything from a small antique store to a barbershop, tattoo parlor,and the best movie theater ever.

The cafe is simply a store front with big front windows to let in plenty of natural light and an enticing view of cat paradise.


MilesLuvsSookie on the mural!

The lobby entrance has lots of cat products from local shelters and businesses; I bought a catnip toy so my kids would forgive me for cheating on them. There is some seating in the lobby where one can enjoy coffee and a snack or choose to head in through the “airlock” double-doored entrance to the larger portion where the cats are hanging out.

Maybe I’m too easily impressed by people who seem to know how to stylishly, effortlessly decorate a room, but the cat portion was magazine ready. The cat portion featured two levels, all with clean, shining wood floors. The upper portion had squishy human seating, books and games, while the bigger lower portion featured work tables, artwork, and  cat toys and contraptions EVERYWHERE. These cats have options! If I had thought this through, I would have brought my grading with me and camped out.


As anyone who has ever read this blog knows, I have four cats at home to pet and waller. I have tons of natural light, artwork, and squishy human seating areas as well. I got in to the cafe for free this time, but why pay $10 an hour to go back when I can sit around petting cats for free? Or to even visit for the first time?

Reasons why:

  • I hate grading and will even clean toilets to procrastinate. My house has a myriad of distractions. Sometimes the white noise of coffee shop is what I need to focus. Plus coffee shops won’t let me clean. Eat, Purr, Love provides such an environment plus …cats.
  • Coffee and pastries.
  • If you sit long enough, working on something, a cat will eventually come cuddle on you. That’s just how it is.
  • I would think nothing of spending way more than $10 on food or supplies to donate to a shelter. The $10 for the hour goes towards the care and maintenance of the cats and cafe. Same, same.
  • If I had a first date here, he would get so much…pussycat love.
  • YOGA! They are scheduling “yogato” (yoga with cats) events. I am so in!
  • I love visiting my shelter for free to “pet strange heads” and will continue to do so, but there are an overwhelming number of cats there, many of whom are stressed out, and it smells like they all peed at once plus bleach. I’m used to that smell, but the cafe did NOT smell like cats, and there were only 9 maybe 10 cats in residence when I visited. This was a much more relaxed environment and would be very good for someone to fall in love with a particular kitty.
  • At the time I visited, they had successfully adopted out 20 cats with two adoptions pending. Pretty good odds for a place that just opened in September.The cats are brought to the cafe through The Capital Area Humane Society.
  • With falling in love in mind, I got to see this love match happening. Worth it!

Sadly the tortie did not tolerate the love and walked away. However, by the time I left, the black and white cat had found a huge tuxedo cat who let her snuggle up.

Check out the Eat, Purr, Love Facebook page for daily adorableness.