Throwback Thursday….kind of

Admittedly it’s been kind of a slow week ,but I’m okay with that. It does however, leave me looking, rather desperately, for the next post or photograph. Yesterday evening Miles was dramatically back-lit by the sun coming through the front window. He was elegantly sprawled in a very manly, confident pose much like the 1972 Burt Reynolds Cosmo centerfold shoot. (FYI: I was not even born yet, but somehow that image has been burned into my brain. I suspect that Smokey and the Bandit as well as Cannonball Run are at fault.)

Seriously, this cat has it going on. He projects Barry White music, sometimes a little Marvin Gaye, constantly. I don’t know how Birdie, Sookie, and Olivia can keep their paws off him. Hoping to capture this panther-esque moment, I grabbed my camera, framed the shot, then sadly watched as Olivia photo bombed the whole thing.

...and photo bomb!

…and photo bomb!

Her kitten Spidey-sense told her that there was an active camera. She came out of nowhere and flopped on to her side into the shot. Ultimately, she did a slow motion belly to back role that put her even closer to Miles and pretty much ruined everything I was going for. Damn, his lady-attracting sensuality!

I swear that Miles looked just like this right before Olivia flopped into the frame. It was amazing!

You can practically hear the Barry White music.

You can practically hear the Barry White music.

P.S. I do NOT recommend searching “Burt Reynolds centerfold.” There are a lot of creative people in the world who have recreated that photo. Some of them are interesting,but  mostly disturbing, some inexplicable, and many will just hurt your eyes.

UPDATE: I can’t believe I wrote this and left out the phrase “animal magnetism.” I’ve lost my cliches!