Righteous Side eye

Two Targets and a website search later, I could not provide my children with the Cardboard Haunted Mansion for cats. The Target employee who helped me said they suddenly started selling out. I blame it on the number of articles I’ve seen about the house.

Sorry, kids.

However Target #2 did have a small in the lion mane I’ve been eyeing.

Sorry, kids.


It has a certain rock star quality. I feel like Miles is channeling 80’s Bon Jovi. Side eye and snarrrrrrl.


Look at that hair toss!


He hates it, but I think he hates Olivia’s photo bomb more. Indignant!


Not to be left out, The Wigglebothum brings her dance moves to the stage.


Sookie also wore the wig, but her photo was just too sad to share. It’s like I broke a part of her heart.

Cats on cats are weird

Day 1 We’re going to make the bed! She’s into it and prepared to add hair to these clean cats.


And she left.

To be fair, she was completely freaked out by the edge of the pillowcase which makes so much more sense.

Day 3 She makes sure to settle in on my side so that I have to awkwardly crawl in from the other side.

Out cold.

These sheets are from Target. The Opal House brand. I saw them on Instagram modeled by Clarence the bread truck kitty over at @eddiethelilaclion

Ear Flowers


I like back lighting flowers; they’re often translucent and it adds to the colors. It’s much easier with my phone’s camera because I can select portions of the screen where the light is coming through which gives me the sunbeams and coronas that I think are cool but probably really equal bad photography.
IMG_E3913Turns out the same theory works on cat ears.


Napping Emergency System

Another blast of snow has brought on a Level 3 Napping Emergency.

Count ’em: 3.

The fourth one doesn’t understand the system and keeps jumping on and off the bed.

The Napping Emergency System recommends hot showers then layering with as many felines and blankets as possible regardless of time of day. Naps are best during daylight hours anyway.

Birdie is like an official ENC (Emergency Napping Cat) or something and held paws with me the whole nap.

It’s a Matter of Routine

I think I’ve commented before that four-legged kids like routine as much as two-legged ones. My kids live for their breakfast and dinner routines although their morning internal food clocks have been off by an hour or so lately.

Part of Olivia Wigglebothum’s daily routine is the mousie hunt behind the storage bench. Full disclosure, this video is from June 2015 about 6 months after Olivia moved in; however, we’ve been doing this daily sometimes multiple times daily, sometimes multiple times with a 10 minute span since she got here. I assure you that she does not give two cat poops about the lamp cord; it’s all about the mousie that may or may not be there.

Mousie often contributes to my morning getting ready to go to school routine as well. I like to have eyes on and pet all heads before leaving. Olivia is typically in the hallway underfoot waiting for back scritches or demanding that I throw mousie at least once, making me feel neglectful for going to work.img_1715

Birdie has returned to bed by the time I’m brushing my teeth and putting on jewelry. She’s usually listening to the money report (my signal that it’s 6:50 a.m.) and snuggling back into the comforter.


Sookie is always exactly RIGHT HERE, waiting for the horror that is me petting her at least once a day. I’m pretty sure she works out once I leave which is more than I can say for myself.


Everybody’s spots make some sort of sense except for Miles. My most loving, attention seeking panther man “hides” himself by the time I am ready to leave every morning! He favors two spots, but lately under the laundry drying rack among shirts and bras in the spare bedroom has been trending. If the rack is not available then he plants himself under my computer table towards the middle.

Both spots require effort to get to him especially the table where I may barely be able to do more than touch him with a fingertip. Maybe he’s protesting my leaving, maybe he’s reading my efforts as devotion to him. Only Cat knows.